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Weird pinching pain sensation in back and upper left leg

Hi, I am having weird symptoms. After some weeks of receiving unprotected oral sex from a girl, I wake up to pain in left testicle one day and it was gone after 2-3 days and now I have pain in the upper left leg and lower back/buttocks. I tested negative for gonorrhea. I talked to a doc and he said that it could be due to genital related anxiety. But now I have no anxiety but still have this weird pain sensation.

I am planning to take Doxycycline recommended dosage for NGU. What should i do?
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The genital area is quite sensitive, so even the most brief touch can cause pain later on. Oral sex exposes you to gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes. What you are experiencing are not common symptoms of any of those infections. You said you tested negative for gonorrhea, but how long after your encounter did you test ? If you did it 3 weeks after the sexual encounter, your test for gonorrhea was accurate.

It would be interesting to test also for syphilis and herpes, as follows:

-6 weeks after the encounter, for syphilis.
-3 months after the encounter, for herpes.

Most people infected with syphilis get a positive result after 6 weeks, but it can take longer, so if you receive a negative result, it would be also good to repeat the test 3 months after the encounter.

All the best.
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