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What could this have been?

Hello all,

Around 2 weeks ago I received an unprotected blowjob. About 1 day and half later I started to feel a very minor burning sensation at the tip of my penis. Another day passed where I went to the gym and ran where I felt slight discomfort in my groin area. After that I noticed 2 tiny pimple like whiteheads at the tip of my penis near the urethra. I popped them and they were gone. They never even came back and the burning sensation eventually went away. I went and got a basic std panel exactly a week later and it all came back negative. Was just wondering are pimples like that normal in that area? I was almost constantly touching the area due to nervousness of the burning sensation. Thank you.
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Hi none of what you mention suggest you contracted any std. The burning a day later most likely an injury from the act itself and the pimples as you mention would not be an std symptom
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Thank you didn’t see someone responded until now lol. Much appreciated!
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