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White spots on tonsils after oral sex

A little over a week ago, I perfomed oral sex to a friend of mine. I just noticed white spots at the back of my throat, namely the tonsils. They aren't inflamed or swollen, just white spots. they don't hurt or anything. Could this be tonsilitis or some kind of std/sti? no pain or discomfort as of yet, I'm planning to get them check out. but for a small peace of mind for now, can anyone tell me what they might be?
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I hope you are well now!
Please tell us what did your doctor say?
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Just recently got back from the docs! It's just a mild form of tonsillitis. They prescribed a week treatment and want me to come back after the treatment is done to do a follow up if needed.  
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It could be Mononuclosis if you had deep kissing.
Otherwise you might have non Std viral infection or strep throat.
Please let me know what did your physician tell you?
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no kissing. and is strep throat passed on by oral sex? i've looked into that possibility but I've not found any evidence that it might be strep throat

my docs appointment in next week so we'll see what it is.
The causes of white spots on tonsils are
1- Viral infection such as Mononulceoses.
2-Bacterial Infection.
4-Fungal Infection

My question to you, Are they painfull or cause  pain while swallow?

Can you share some different photos?

I would recommend that you ask Doctor to take swap of your tonsils, Do infection mononucleoses blood test for (EBV and CMV viruses besides other tests he is going to request from you.

Actually such as your condition is tricky and not easily diagnosed due to absence of swelling and high temperature.

Finally I hope it is somthing resolvable that will disappear in few days.
Please let me know what is the diagnosis after   visiting your Doctor.
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