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Worried about Gonorrhea or Chlamydia or STDs in General...

Within the past month I've have protected sex with two prostitutes. I wore a condom for vaginal intercourse with both women. My last exposure was 11 days ago. My main concern is that I received unprotected oral sex from both women. I've unrelentingly checked this forum and from what I've read is that it's much more likely to get an STD from unprotected vaginal intercourse that it is from unprotected oral sex/blowjob. Throughout the 11 days since the last exposure I've always been slightly worried if I caught something. I don't know if it's me being hyper aware of my bodily sensations especially around the genitals... Especially during urination I noticed a warm feeling while peeing but most times I think it feels fine but the thing I'm worried about is the slight pain/sting in the tip or opening of the urethra after peeing. The amount of sting or pain varies as sometimes it's noticeable and sometimes I barely notice it or sometimes I don't feel any pain/sting. But another thing I'm worried about is the slight semen like fluid I notice on the tip of my penis. I'm not sure if it's a normal discharge or if it is related to any STD. Sometimes it's noticeable and I wipe it out with tissue but the fluid isn't there every time I check. Sometimes I squeeze the tip of my penis and notice barely a drop of the semen-like fluid on the tip of my penis. But from what I know the semen-like fluid is not pouring out or continuously dripping out from my urethra. I don't know if it is just normal physiological fluids from the penis or if it is a discharge from an STD like gonorrhrea or chlamydia. The thing is I'm not sure if it is pain or irritation after peeing or if I'm just being overly focused on the sensation of my penis. Just for your information I have been masturbating everyday even before my two encounters with the sex workers. Sometimes masturbate more than two or three times a day so I'm not sure if my issues stem from my vigorous masturbation habit or from STDs... Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.
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So if you've been relentlessly reading this forum, you know that at 11 days, you can test for some things already, right?

Testing would put an end to your gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU concerns - those are the most common STDs with oral sex, and the chances aren't high.

My guess is that everything you are experiencing is normal, and you are very anxious, and noticing things you wouldn't usually.

But test and put your mind at ease. You can test now and rule out the most common ones. You can test at 6 weeks for syphilis, though that's not nearly as common in most developed countries, and if herpes testing is available where you are, you can do that at 12 weeks, but without symptoms, I wouldn't worry about that.

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