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Worried about sti specialty hep b

On 27 feb went to a massage parlour the girl did slide on top of me naked I was naked no condom.no penetration involved.i did some fingering to her and then masturbated myself.the girl asked me I want any blowjob I asked do u have any condom she said no they don’t do any sexual activi. So I refused for the blowjob. I went back home and very next day startled feeling malaise. My symptoms till date  1 to 10 feeling of malaise sweaty palms and sole .
Day 20 to 30 same feeling of Malaise and some 3 to 4 days of burning eyes. 30 to 45 days have some strain in the left lower side of chest and somewhere in middle chest. Also white tongue oversensitive mouth.really scared when I see symptoms of hep b . I already
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So, your exposure consisted of fingering her vagina and masturbating yourself, correct?  Nothing is going to make you feel malaise the very next day that is std related.  Are you anxious and depressed?  That can be a symptom of a mental health issue too.  Your other symptoms that developed are continued fatigue, burning eyes, middle and left chest pain and whit tongue with oversensitive mouth?  I really do think your symptoms point to anxiety.  So, your masturbating yourself is NO risk.  You can't get an std from self masturbation. NOTHING is commonly passed through fingering.  NOTHING.  Fingering her presents very small risk if you had cuts on your finger. Hepatitis B is not commonly passed this way. HPV, syphilis and herpes are also NOT commonly passed this way. https://www.catie.ca/en/practical-guides/safer-sex-guide/understanding-risk-sex-act

White tongue would not happen from your exposure either.  do you use tobacco products?  https://www.medicinenet.com/white_tongue/symptoms.htm  
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Thanks for your reply guitar rox. I have other symptoms like abdominal pain dark urine and  pale stool also there was genital rubbing involved no penetration I already have given test at my dr waiting. It’s very strange to get hep  in this exposure I already have herpes if that increased. My chances of contracting . I hope u can get hep b only like this only hep c   Cause hep ca only happen
Through blood exchange.  Let’s see still having stomach pains and fatigue burning eyes 50 days post exposure have countless sleep less nights.- and this incidence was in india I went
A nice mall where they have this massage parlour I am shocked  now. I am from  canada was visiting family in India I am 42 year old male. Already have diabetes and high blood pressure I don’t knw how I am I go to survive. I ha e a very loving wife and 5 year old son please help any suggestion tx
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You had no risk from this. Fingering doesn't transmit any infection. Even if you had cuts on your fingers, you're fine.

Also, like GuitarRox said, no STD would give you symptoms the next day.
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Thanks for your response but there was body rubbing involved I mean genitals. And now is 50 days after exposure all my symptoms are matching to hep b I think I have stomach pain still going on pale stool dark urine it’s so unfortunate to have this symptoms without penetration only genital rubbing.  I already have genital herpes if that increased my chance of contraction hep b I don’t knw if we can contract hep c in this form only blood contact. I m really concerned now already went for the blood test yesterday for hep b and hep c cause to many. Symptoms matching. I m really stressed have a wife and a young kid please advise.thanks
Hep C is spread only by blood, and is very rarely spread sexually. When it is, it's by unprotected anal sex. You didn't need a test for that, and unless you've ever shared needles for drug use, or gotten a tattoo with contaminated equipment, you can expect that test to be negative.

Have you been vaccinated against hep B? You should ask your doctor for a test to see if you've been vaccinated for it, if they aren't already running that test. You may not be at risk for it from anything, and this worry may be for nothing.

Hep B isn't transmitted by genital rubbing. It requires penetration. The only STDs that may be transmitted by genital rubbing are syphilis, herpes and HPV.

Have you heard of catastrophising? You're doing it. It's where you imagine the worst thing that can happen, and focus on it. It often stems from guilt and anxiety - you seem to have both. No judging here, we see it a lot.


Urine color is most often determined by what we're eating and drinking, or not drinking. Are you drinking enough water? Are you dehydrated? Make sure you are avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and stick with water.

I got my  test  negative edit hep b  after 50 days of exposure will that be good or should I take another test.thanks for your help really appreciate
Nope, that's conclusive. You're fine. If you don't show immunity to it, you should consider getting the vaccine to it. Talk to your doctor.

Take care.
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