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Worried about symptoms next day Herpes Simplex, oral gonorrhea or other oral STD/I's


On Friday I had protected penis/vaginal sex with an escort, but stupidly licked her anus.

She has told me she gets checked regularly and is clean.

The next day, approx. 12 hours after the encounter, I was hit hard with sudden onset of aches & pains all over, cold sweats/chills,  became very lethargic and developed very swollen glands and tonsils, with some puss/white spots on tonsils. I didn't necessarily have a fever but I definitley had hot/cold sweats etc.  

I got tonsillitis exactly around this time last year (almost to the day). I have gone to the GP and they have given me phenoxymethylpenicillin to see if it is in deed tonsillitis.

I am wondering, what are the chances that I could have caught an oral infection/STD from licking the escorts anus? Is it possible that symptoms would develop so quickly, as I am reading conflicting info on the internet?

I am a day in to the phenoxymethylpenicillin, and will continue this to see if it is this but just want to make sure it wouldn't be anything more sinister from the encounter?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, licking her anus is zero risk for any std and no sympotms develop that quickly.
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