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Worried about syphilis

Hi in the last 6 weeks I have tested for all stds 2 times. All have come bk negative apart from the one I did two days ago which the results should come back on Monday or Tuesday, which will be the third test.

Tests done hiv, hepatitis b, syphilis and Herpes plus gonorrhoea and chlamidya.

Now I have an ulcer or a chancre in my mouth, more precisely inside cheek. It looks completely white with red borders. My exposure was brief kiss on Christmas Day just my lips and tip of my tongue touched this women.

The ulcer or chancre appeared today after the 6 week test that i did which the results should come in the next few days. Now I’m so worried I have syphilis.

I googled pictures of chancres and canker sores and it looks more like an ulcer than a chancre. I spoke to an std clinic and they said if it was a chancre I would know because it would look very aggressive, whatever that means.

If my results come bk negative should I just move on or should I retest after 12 weeks again.

Please help.
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I dont think you have syphilis.
There are different guidelines on the window period.
I dont think it is necessary to retest, but u can do so if u want.
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When should be  the best time to test. Everyone here in medhelp says 6 weeks is conclusive then the cdc says it’s 12 weeks.
I don’t even know why I’m so worried about this risk, I mean it was only  a kiss.

I’ll post my 6 weeks results when it comes.
Also isit possible for a chancre to disappear within 24hours. As I mentioned above a chancre or an ulcer, well it’s disappearing now, I can hardly see it. 12 hours ago it was very visible now it’s hardly there. What’s going on?

Thanks you for reply bk to my earlier post.
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Hi, like i said, it depends on which guidelines u follow.
Generally both is fine. A test at 12 weeks is not necessary, but u may do so if u want.
No, chancre dont disappear within 24 hours.
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A chancre is not going to disappear within a day.

Seriously, you are going way overboard with the testing for a brief kiss.

HIV is never spread by kiss - ever, no matter what, nor is hep B. (Are you vaccinated for hep B? There is a vaccine available for that which you should talk to your doctor about.)

Gonorrhea and chlamydia are not spread by kissing.

Herpes type 1 may be, but with such a brief kiss, I'd be VERY surprised if it was.

You really have nothing to worry about here, and at 6 weeks, I wouldn't even worry about a cold or the flu, which is what is usually spread by kissing.

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Just received my results. All is negative.

Yea I got hep b vaccine done, jus finished the last dose last week.

Thanks for replying back guys. I think I will try and move on now, ive read somewhere where one of the doctors said a 6 weeks test won’t turn positive.

Have a good day.
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