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Worried of having contracted STD from massage parlor, Itching/burning in groin

I'm really scared of potential STD. I had received oral (she likely had saliva on unprotected areas since i was laying down and she was on top) and had vaginal sex with a condom on at an asian massage parlor in Dallas. She had tattoos and coughed a few times, I should have just stopped but didn't.  About 2 weeks after the incident, i got really itchy/burning on my groin and inner thighs. It lasted for ~10 days and i thought it subsided, but its still going on, so for over 3 weeks now . I haven't seen any redness, rash, or ulcers or really anything visible, but its been terribly itchy and i've never had this before. It's been about 5 weeks since the incident and i got STD tested for Herpes (igG test) and HIV. Both tested negative, but i'm worried that its simply too early to tell for Herpes since doctors recommend testing 3 months afer exposure. Is it possible i've contracted Herpes? Syphillis? HPV? This has been the biggest mistake of my life and I dont want to spread this to my wife. I've been abstaining from sex since we dont use condoms.

I've been told it could be jock itch, but i dont see any redness or rash to indicate that. I haven't changed anything up with my routines, no new clothes, or detergents. Why is it so itchy/burning, i'm terrified its Herpes and simply isn't showing up on antibody tests yet. I've refrained from having sex, but I can't keep lying to my wife. Is there risk of passing on the infection at this timeline from me to her? What do i do?
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I noticed a very small 1mm raised white dot on the underside between butt and testicles. Otherwise, no visible things.

Could this itching without skin rashes be asymptomatic HSV2 causing the tingling/itching in the groin nerves? Or HPV?

I had done a telemedicine but the doctor said there's nothing visible, and to get tested in 3 months to rule out HSV2, but that just makes me thing i have it now....
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If everything was protected, the chances of you getting anything are incredibly low.

I don't know what the small white dot is - could be an oil gland, a wart (though not likely as it usually takes a few months for warts to appear), or a host of other normal skin variations.

When you did the telemedicine appt with the doctor, were you having the itching?

Asymptomatic means no symptoms, so this wouldn't be asymptomatic herpes - itching is a symptom. If this were herpes, itching would be your prodrome (the signs you get before a herpes outbreak), and those only last 2 days at the most. You wouldn't have itching this long without a herpes sore appearing.

Saliva doesn't transmit herpes unless it comes into contact with a herpes sore, and you didn't see any herpes sores on her mouth.

I'd be very, very surprised if you have hsv2. Also, if you got hsv from oral sex, it would be genital herpes type 1, as oral herpes is type 1. The number doesn't indicate the location, but rather the strain of the virus.

You may already have hsv1. At least half of the adult population does, and 90% of those have never gotten a cold sore, so they don't know they have it. If you have it already, you can't get it again.

Itching like this is not a symptom of herpes. It could be an allergy, dermatitis, anxiety, or a variety of other things, but it's not at all likely to be herpes.

I've answered these questions for you a few weeks ago. My answers won't change. Maybe you need to have a doctor take a look in person and not via telemedicine, but the chances of this being an STD are extremely low.
Thanks for the info auntiejessi.

I did have the itching during the doc appointment.

Yes i misspoke regarding HSV2, i simply meant genital herpes, either type. Is it possible I could have gotten type 1 genital herpes, if she had a sore inside her mouth that i couldn't see?

I'm definitely very anxious, but the groin itching doesn't seem fabricated. I'm worried about infecting my wife since we don't use condoms. If i potentially had genital herpes now, and can't find out conclusively for another 2 months, would i risk infecting her now?

Thank you so much for your help. Getting these new itching occurrences, and white skin bump certainly seem abnormal, and driving me crazy since the incident.
Yes, you can get genital hsv1 from receiving oral sex. Hsv1 almost always causes sores on the mouth, though, not in it. Sores inside the mouth are usually canker sores, which aren't hsv1. Hsv1 sores are on the outside of the mouth, like cold sores/fever blisters.

However, you wouldn't have itching for this long without getting any sores. That's my point which I'm not sure I'm explaining well - itching without anything else isn't herpes. If you have itching with herpes, it's either prodrome (the warning sign that an outbreak is coming, and that only lasts 2 days at most, and then you'd get an outbreak), or when you have a sore.

Itching this long with no sores isn't going to be caused by herpes.

Don't discount or underestimate the physical manifestations of anxiety. I'm not saying you are making up the itching at all. I'm sure it's very, very real. Besides headaches and tense muscles, anxiety produces a LOT of physical symptoms, and they can vary widely from person to person.



I'm not a doctor, and can only suggest things, but it's something to consider. It's very real.

How is the white bump now?

Interesting, thanks.

The worry is that the itching is localized in the groin, not just generally in the skin..

The white bump is gone now though..
My only suggestion now would be to get seen in person by a doctor, perhaps a dermatologist. You had protected oral sex. Oral sex is lower risk that vaginal or anal sex, and you used a condom. The chances that you got anything from that are really low.

Let us know what happens.
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Has a doctor examined you? Looked at your skin? Or have you just had the herpes and HIV testing?

You need to get this checked out. It's not herpes - you'd have had an outbreak by now. Prodrome only last 2 days at most. It may be anxiety, but you need to rule out anything else.

You had protected oral and vaginal? Chances of you getting anything from this are very, very low.

But just go get checked.
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It was protected, but due to position, saliva could have gotten on the uncovered area..
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You have absolutely nothing on your skin? No sores, no spots, nothing, correct?
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I noticed a very small 1mm raised white dot/bump/pimple like on the underside between butt and testicles. Otherwise, no visible things.
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