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Worry after protected sex with sex worker

I am 22 year, male from india.
I had gone for sex for the first time and it was with a Sex worker in a redlight area. It was penetrate penis vaginal sex for 2-3 minutes and used condoms whole time and it was not broken. I don't know the condition of the sex worker. As per the appearance she was fat. We didn't kissed or not touched any genital organ of each other. She used paper sheets to remove condom, don't know if it is a better practice. After that I started feeling worried from the thought of diseases and feel guilt and I never do it again after that i started searching online for risk, symptoms, condoms safety etc...... I am feeling so worried that even a small mosquito bite causes redness makes me worried .I use to daily look anything in body. At 13th day I had diarrhea (watery) , which was for a day. With it i feel like little rise in temperature for just 4-5 hours which gone down and a headache which gone after a sleep. I see a little clear , non stick and small quantity , less than a drop of water on my penis glan in morning, as I am having little balanitis. It's more than 20 days now with nothing much.
Can you give suggestions on this and the risk involved in this, for the disease.  I won't be able to share this with anyone . And not cleared wether to go for a test or not. I saw forums on medhelp and made me litte relief.
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Hi if no part of your pubic area made rubbing contact with hers out side the condom protected area, then you had zero risk to contract any std. If it did then you would have low risk for herpes and syphilis.
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Thanks for your reply,
I had made contact with pubic area for some time ( not more than 2 minutes) . She was very hairy . Your reply on sympilis is making me worried. Now I have seen a spot getting redness ( diameter around 0.3-0.5) cm. It is from 2-3 days from now when  I initially saw it. It is also having small hair in that spot compared to long hairs surrounding. It is non itchy . And I didn't found it to be spread. It doesn't contain any kind of liquid. It just mostly flat and little bit above at center part . Now it's 5 week from the time I had sex .  10-12 days ago I found something very small under my skin of palm and I tried to cut it and some clear liquid came . After that skin is coming but no other spots like that. I don't spotted anything in my genital area .Can you give some suggestions is that any relation with the disease you mentioned and maybe any other STD?
Please reply.......
And the spot of redness is in thigh at lower side above the knee area .
Syphilis sores appear at the point of infection (where the germ enters your body), so it would appear in the genital area.

I don't know what's on your thigh or hand, but that's not syphilis. Your thigh might be an infected hair follicle - very common, and nothing to worry about unless it gets really red and swollen. I don't know what was on your hand, but since you cut it, keep it clean and watch for signs of infection. It's not an STD.

Your chances of an STD are very low since you wore a condom - good for you.

You can get a syphilis test at 6 weeks, and it's unlikely to change after that point. I wouldn't worry about this too much, really. Condoms offer a lot of protection.
Thank auntiejessi ,
There is a small hair grown at center , which I think it's  due to newly grown hair.
I am grateful for your supportive reply.
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