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Would my have gynaecologist tested for an STD?

I got raped in 2018 and I had to go and get the full testing done the next day and get the preventative medicine and shots  for STDs/ HIV I returned a couple of times over the following year to get tested again with everything being negative. However, this experience has in turn given me a crippling constant fear that I have an STD, recently I had some vaginal issues (discharge, irritation, fishy odour after sex etc) so I went to a gynaecologist she checked me and said I had a vaginal infection and prescribed me medication she took a pap smear and sent it off to the lab I got the results today that I'm negative for anything malignant but indicate BV. Would she have checked for STD or is there a possibility that she didn't and I may in fact have one?
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I agree - did she ask you about your sexual activity? If you didn't have any since your last STD testing, she wouldn't have tested you for them.

You can always ask what testing they did, and get copies of all your lab work. I have copies of all mine.

Have you gotten counseling for what happened? Your spelling of "gynaecologist" suggests you are European, maybe, so here's the Rape Crisis Network for Europe - https://www.rcne.com/links/sources-of-help-for-survivors/ If you aren't in Europe, and need resources, let us know.

I'm sorry that happened to you.  
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Probably not, because there is no reason to suspect STI. Fishy odour is very much linked to bacterial vaginosis which is common.
Really sorry to hear what happened and the stress it causes you.
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