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Yeast infection or STI?

I had unprotected sex with a guy, and he claims he is clean. Vagina felt odd two days after sex, and I went to a clinic for tests. They automatically gave me antibiotics and a shot at the clinic for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia as a precaution. Tests came back negative for both. Called another clinic and they told me that I took the STD tests too soon and I would never know if I had Gonorrhea or Clamydia because I was already treated for it. Anyway, they went on and did some more tests that I’m waiting for results and will be reschedule in 3 months for follow up std tests.  Anyway, I have a tingling, itchy, and burning sensation in the vagina at this time. I took a diflucan yeast infection pill and the symptoms still haven’t cleared. No bumps or blisters or anything of that nature. The guy I had unprotected sex with was rubbing his penis in my vulva area which I thought was odd because no man has done that before. I don’t want to keep going back for appointments when I’ve had recent tests but want to figure out if it’s a yeast infection that hasn’t cleared up in the vulva area or is it something else?
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If you tested at 2 days after sex, yes, it was too early to be conclusive. How long has it been now?

When did you take the diflucan? That can take up to a week or so to fully work. Don't do any more self-treatments or take any other medications unless you get tested first. You could have bacterial vaginosis and self-treating with diflucan could make it worse.

Rubbing a penis on a vulva isn't unusual, though I understand why that's concerning given your symptoms now.

What other things were you tested for at the second clinic? How long after exposure was that?

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@ AuntieJessie, I took the diflucan a few days ago and I’m going for testing now at the third clinic. The 2nd clinic I got tested for HIV, hepatitis, syphillis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia possibly 14 days after unprotected sex. Still waiting for the results. Went to one of those free clinics right before thanksgiving holiday and they stated it takes 10 business days or more for results. So now I’m going to a clinic and using my insurance to find out what’s going on. The itching isn’t normal so that’s why I’m going to another doctor
Went to the doctor, and she said I had BV & a UTI. She prescribed some antibiotics.
Ahhh BV and a UTI? Not at all surprising that you felt lousy.

Depending on the medication for the BV, you may not be able to drink alcohol on it. Check the info they give you with it. It's important because it could make you very sick.

Hope you feel better soon!!
Thank you!
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