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anxiety or std?

Hi there, I recieved unprotected oral sex from an escort and I have been letting anxiety get the best of me I believe(or not). This was 9 days ago and ultimately I have been feeling good. I know stds from unprotected oral is possible but not super common. I do not have any burning or pain when I pee or ejaculate. I don't have any sores on my genitalia or anything really. What I do have though is the slightest bit of discharge coming from my penis that I came to notice just yesterday. It isn't causing stains in my underwear and I have only noticed when I'm finished using the bathroom. I think I am being paranoid and I realize anxiety around sex is common and I need some help (therapy, stop using escorts). I just want to ask if this is nothing to worry about at all because it is likely leftover urine or pre cum or something? ( it's a relatively clear,a little cloudy,white and not very much dripping at all) Or is an sti something to consider?

I have seen pictures of ghonnorea and it seems that the puss is more oozing than just kind of there. Any thoughts?

other than this small (possible) symptom,I feel perfectly fine. I appreciate this community and all the help you give. Thank you!
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It is usually normal when you see a little discharge after urinating, but it's super easy to test for STDs, if you are concerned. The STDs that cause discharge are easily curable.

If you need therapy to stop seeing escorts, then get it. This is clearly causing you pain and anxiety, so work on it. You deserve to find peace. Be kind to yourself.
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Thank you for the kind response. I am going to get tested when I have the time. Unfortunately I have been working so much lately and am without a family doctor so I'd have to go to a walk in clinic and so many of the clinics aren't accepting walk ins right now.

I also am planning on starting virtual therapy sessions next week.

I went to bed last night with white underwear on and detected no stains at all throughout the night. I also slept soundly without needing to urinate. I urinated in the morning and absolutely no pain at all. The tip of my penis was slightly irritated last night but I think that was likely higene and is irritated much less today.

Is it safe to say that I am not exhibiting symptoms? I am still going to get tested as it is good to do that periodically. It's just nice to have some reassurance that this is mostly in my head.

Thank you
I'd say you don't have symptoms, but I can't see the irritation. Make sure to keep the hygiene up, and see if that improves.

An urgent care can do gonorrhea and chlamydia testing, at least in the US.  Can you make an appt at the walk in?

Make sure you are hydrated, too.
I am confident I'm hydrated. I go through around 4 to 6 liters of water a day s and usually urinate maybe 7 to 10 times a day. I haven't noticed any change in urination patterns. If anything I've gone less because I'm nervous it will be painful (it's not painful at all).

I will try to schedule an appointment at a walk in clinic and see if they will take me.

the irritation only happens when my meatus rubs on clothing. Otherwise it's nonexistant. it looks like it could be a little bit swollen but looks pretty normal as far as I can tell.

I have been taking care of my hygiene as of yesterday and it feels much better today. Hardly any irritation.

I will keep an eye on the situation and keep my anxiety at bay. Thank you for your support!
You're welcome.

I'm not on the site on the weekends, so spend this weekend focused on something else. Go do something fun (and covid safe). Relax, and don't spend any time focusing on this. Keep up with the hygiene daily, and I hope you have a great weekend. :)
Hey auntiejessi! just updating on the situation. my meatus feels much better. I have absolutely no symptoms (abnormal discharge but, or pain during urinatiob) but my meatus  looks slightly inflamed but I think it could be normal for it to do that occasionally.

What do you think?

I'm pretty sure it's anxiety at this point and my therapist will address that this week. I just wanted to hear one last opinion before I let you go.

Thanks again!
I think you're probably fine. If the inflammation doesn't go away, get that checked, but I wouldn't worry about that unless it gets worse or you get pain, itching, etc.

I agree that anxiety is playing a big role here. I'm glad you'll be addressing it with your therapist. :)

I'm glad to hear you're doing better. Take good care of you. :)
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