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If you're infected with hsv (herpes) and hiv simultaneously, would this cause a delayed serconvertion? Reason being, I had protected sex with a girl who I found out later was hiv+. After the sex I discovered some red bumps or irritation around the rim of the condoms was on my pubic region a few days later. I dismissed it as just a condom rash but have been experiencing dry eyes and a swollen right lymph node ever since. Have tested for hiv 10 weeks out with a negative result returned. Will test in two more weeks to meet CDC standard. But could those bumps been a initial herpes contraction? And if so, could I have been infected with hiv at the same exact time? And lastly, would infection of both slow antibody production as the CDC does say some people take up to six months to seroconvert? Going crazy of here. Can somebody, anybody please help??? Would be greatly appreciated!      
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Oh ok. Sorry thanks!  
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you've posted about this encounter previously and received replies. it's most helpful when you just keep adding to your original post instead of making new ones.

you had protected sex so really no reason to think that you contracted hiv from this partner. if you have hiv testing questions, you need to be asking them in the hiv forum.  

herpes testing can't be done before 3 months post encounter.

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