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gardnerella in male

Very confused and most likely worrying for nothing but it is causing me a little concern and any advice would be greatly appreciated

I'm married and about 8 weeks ago had an experience with a man ( status unknown) . Very little occured ( no oral anal ) but we did partake in mutual masterbation and penises also were in contact . A day later had sex with my wife
4 days later tingling and very slight burning sensation in my penis after peeing  . This carried on for 3- 4 weeks before I was worrying to such an extent that I got a home std testing kit
All came back negative apart from gardnerella which was positive.

Tip of my penis now a little red and still very slight tingling after I pee and therefore a week ago I tested again with same results i.e all negative bar  gardnerella

Nb not had sex with my wife since original incident as very concerned  this might be an issue in passing this on to her

My questions are
Where did I get this from ?
What are the chances I got it from the male encounter?
Why has it not cleared in 4 weeks . Is my immune system not doing what it should do !
Is it not an issue why is this tested for in men
Should I have sex with my wife again?. Certainly do not want to pass anything on
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Many thanks for your comprehensive and reassuring answers - much appreciated
The only thing that puzzles me is if I'm testing positive for gardnerella is this common in males I e most likely I have had this awhile ? Shouldn't my body fight and eliminate it naturally ?  And like you said if normal why is it even tested for in males ?
Thanks again for your time
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Not necessarily like I said it forms part of entirely normal genital flora. The body doesn't fight it because it’s helpful and don't cause illness.

Why is it tested for? It’s not! Not in any reputable doctors or sexual health clinic. The reason it’s tested for on whoever provided yours is money. The more things they test for the more money they get from you. It looks better in short.

Trust me on this. Don’t go down a rabbit hole. You are absolutely golden. No STI. Go sleep with your wife, enjoy.
Thank you most reassuring
Glad I could help :)
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Hope I can help.

gardnerella Is entirely normally to be found in both the male and female genital tract.

BV in women is caused by an overgrowth in gardnerella but is still entirely safe and normally found in men and women.

This is the downside to online testing without a consultation. Many (most) of the test are entirely pointless. In your case if you went into a clinic and described your symptoms I doubt any test would have been gave.

Mutual masterbation is risk free. Penis to penis contact is very low risk and only slight largely theoretical risk of skin to skin STI (Syph, HSV, HPV) I note theoretical as it’s not actually seen in practice.

So your tests was an expensive mistake.

So onto your symptoms, I’m afraid you are looking at the wrong place for the cause as in I’m absolutely sure no STI is causing it. So what is, best guess, your mind.

I say this for two reasons 1) tingling without sores is not a sign of STI 2) burning after urination in the absence of burning while urinating is also not a sign. Add that to the no risk situation and you can be absolutely sure this is not an STI.

Further guys like you anxious about an encounter find these atypical symptoms. Normally you would overlook this without an anxious mind but your mind picks up on this and amplifies it. Try to remain calm in sure your symptoms will go once you realise you are not at risk for STI.

If they continue talk to a doctor. But for sure no need to mention you mutual masterbation encounter. It’s not a concern.
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I agree 100% with this, especially with the part about needless testing at some of the online testing sites.

Perhaps you need to increase your water intake, and decrease your caffeine and/or alcohol intake, which could be causing the burning. Tingling is almost always anxiety.

You had no risk from your encounter with the man, and didn't need to test.

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