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gonorrhea/chlamydia and infertility

I have a few questions relating to gonorrhea and chlamydia. My partner who is male had sex with other women before we got together. He was tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia (and all other STDs) a year into our relationship and they were all negative. He is the only person I've ever had sex with. He hasn't been with anyone else since the test. I have no symptoms or problems. I am concerned and would appreciate advice as we are thinking about having a baby.

My questions are,

1) If I am tested now, years later, can I be 100% sure that I never had gonorrhea or chlamydia in the past? Or is it possible I did and that it cleared up on its own?

I've read a lot of contradicting statements where some people say it can, and others say it would be very rare.

2) Is a urine test (PCR I think) accurate? Or would I require a swab of of my cervix area to be absolutely sure?

3) Let's say I had gonorrhea or chlamydia in the past, it cleared up on its own and I now test negative, with no symptoms or pain, is it possible that the past infection already caused damage or PID in my Fallopian tubes that I don't know about?

Wouldn't I have felt any discomfort or pain if this was the case?

4) I had a routine pap smear about 6 months ago (don't think they test for STDs other than HPV). That was all clear. If this is the case can I be sure that there was no damage due to gonorrhea or chlamydia infection in the past? Would they look/test for that kind of thing?

5) Finally if I did have gonorrhea or chlamydia that cleared up on its own, and I test negative now, does this mean that I am at no risk at all of having infertility problems due to these infections? Or should I have a pap smear to make absolutely sure? (I'm not due for my routine pap smear for another 6 months, my last one didn't find any problems).
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You are worrying about something that has an incredibly low chance of happening in terms of an STI causing an PID. Further, only about 15% of women who actually have experienced PID then have fertility issues.
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Thank you for your quick and informative reply. I have arranged to be tested and am sure the results will come back negative.

Just one last questions please: If all my tests are negative, is it possible I still have STI related PID that has persisted after the STI has left my system? Or would the STI no longer being present mean that the PID, if there in the first place, also go away?

I'm trying to understand how the two are linked and that if STI-caused PID can persist after the STI infection is gone.
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To answer questions:
1. Yes your body can clear these bacteria. This is such a simple test to have though, so why not do it.
2. First pee of a morning is all you need for an accurate test.
3. This is rare and you would probably have no it owing to painful symptoms.
4. Not sure any damage would show up.
5. There is unlikely to be any damage.

Your questions are just anxiety. There is no reason to suspect your partner had an STI heading into your relationship. You will test negative and have no issues with your reproductive system (related to STIs).
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