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hello every one....:)
i had unprotected anal sex 2 months ago and unprotected sex 45 days ago and 10 days after oral sex i had symptoms of gonorrhea...i went to my doctor he gave me azithromycin,cefixime,doxycycline now my gonorrhea has almost gone...bt i have a swollen lymph node(bellow right ear,nt so much swelling is there bt it is larger than other lymph node and i have neck pain also).....can anyone plz anwer my following questions..plz
1)- can gonorrhea be spread by unprotected oral sex..??
2)-can it show its symptom after one month..??
3)-are the swollen lyph node and blocked ear and tiredness is common in gonorrhea...???
4)-what is the maximum time after it shows its symptom.....??
plz anyone answer my above questions...
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thnx sir..:)
can u plz tell me whether these symptoms can be bcoz of hiv
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1.) Yes
2.) Yes, but usually, the symptoms manifest in the first week after exposure
3.) Blocked ear and tiredness not really. Swollen lymp node can be - however, lymph nodes swell all the time, which means the body is fighting an infection.
4.) Gonorrhea can lie dormant in the body (be asymptomatic, and indeed a lot of men for example do not exhibit symptoms of gonorrhea).

Since you had unprotected sex and experienced symptoms of gonorrhea, the antibiotics you received should clear the infection.

However Gonorrhea is not the only STD out there.
I would suggest you do a full panel of bacterial STD screening for: Chlamydia, UreaPlasma, Mycoplasma, Trichomoniasis and Gonorrhea (again to confirm its gone).

I would also suggest a Syphilis test 6 weeks (42 days) after exposure.
Since its been 45 days from your last sex, you can easily go do the Syphilis test as well in addition to the above other bacterial std's.
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