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herpes risk from scrotum shaft rubbing against someoneS buttocks.

Last night I went to a strip club i was super drunk and got a handjob from a stripper while getting the handjob she put some spit on her hand and kept rubbing and bouncing on my lap she was doing this while facing away from me so while she bounced her buttocks was rubbing against my scrotum and the lower half of my shaft what are the herpes risk or STD from said rubbing and from the saliva she used as lubrication.
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Ohhh okay My dermatologist told me I had dry skin and I had noticed a lot of dryness lately but it’s been months since I’ve had issues or pain like this from dryness so I was a little concerned
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Yeah, I'd say it's likely that, then. Follow up with your derm if your normal treatments don't provide relief.
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Okay I completely believe you and I feel better but now my scrotum and the skin under my foreskin has been itching. Do you know what this could mean?
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It could be a fungal infection, anxiety, an allergic reaction to something. Have you been checking the area for symptoms a lot? It could be irritation.

You weren't at risk for anything, so it's not an STD.
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There is no risk from the handjob, even with the spit.

In theory, there could be a risk from rubbing and grinding for herpes, hpv and syphilis, but the risk is really low. It doesn't sound like there was prolonged exposure, like there would be if you had sex.

I wouldn't worry about this at all.

I might worry about COVID, though. You were in a club, and unless you're in an area with super low rates of it, getting a lap dance/handjob/etc isn't social distancing.
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I’d say the exposure was about 30 seconds with like a second or two at a time cause of the bouncing and yeah I was really doing a lot of dumb stuff last night. Last question though as it being that it was her buttocks that was touching the areas I stated and not her anus or vagina would that improve my changes of not contracting anything?
Yes, if it was her buttocks, there is no risk. If she has herpes, she isn't infectious from her buttocks. She is only infectious from the mucous membranes - the thinner, moister skin - the anus, the vagina, labia, etc.

You're fine. :)
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