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is it possible to get STD via oral sex with condom in less than 24 hours ?

4 days ago I had paid an escort for oral sex with a condom, I was only receiving. There was no other typo of sex and condom was on my penis entire time so there was no other contact.

1 hour after the act I start to feel nervous "what if I catch STI" so I took a shower and disinfected my penis with "Listerin mouth wash" (because that was only thing I had available => I know I'm stupid I just panic )

few hours later after the act I started to feel irritation on top of my penis head glans that last till this day. The pain is not getting any better or worse. Just I've spotted the small part of glans loosk bit red (like infection red)

1 day  ago I started to have Fatigue that last till today

My question is: Do you think i could developed STD so quickly where the symptoms would start in less than 24 hours ? Or do I have just a flu and some kind of irritation  on penis related to my Listerine disinfection ?

Thank you for help
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So did your doctor confirm with you that your results are positive for Chlamydia? I thought that Chlamydia wasn’t/ couldn’t be transmitted through oral sex?
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You are saying that you have positive chlamydia results and felt symptoms same day if encounter after only protected oral?  Highly doubtful... if you have positive results, you got the infection somewhere before the encounter you are worried about. You have not mentioned any typical symptoms. I bet you are in a serious monogamous relationship and anxiety is getting to you. I’m dealing with the same thing.
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ok it's confirmed, it's Chlamidia. And yes it can appear in less than 24 hours :(

bottom line all information on the internet saping "symptoms will appear 7 - 14 days" ...********, it can be much quicker,  Don't believe  everything on the Internet
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