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metronidazole 1 dose

ok, I took one dose 4 pills like perscribed at 6, it has been 6 hours since i took it and I feel:

1. upset stomach like i am going to throw up
2. dark urine

and i also feel shakey but i have had bad panic attacks lastnight after taking them.

anyways...is this normal side effects????

what happens if I get sick?

do I have a over dose?!?!

and how soon after will I get symptoms and when will they go away!?
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1049259 tn?1295088478
Thank you, I am not vomiting anymore but i am still having the dark urine
lets hope my side effects go away within a few days.

odd my boyfriend didn't get any side effects, he didn't even get sick!

oh, well
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Side effects can be all kinds of things and those which you have said above.
If you get sick then you get sick, the medication should have already been absorbed.

You will not overdose and symptoms start to clear in 1 day to possibly 2 weeks.
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