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plz help me

I met the night girl  for 4 hours
They were in my lap my huge
I have not practiced any kind of sex
Just touched her chest and her back externally
I grew up with my hands twice
Without me touching my penis with her hand or my penis touching her body
Then he hit me fever and stomach and heat in the mouth
What are the chances of possible diseases
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You didn't do anything to get an STD.  You touched her back and chest and masturbated yourself.  I'm sorry you are sick but it isn't std related.  Your symptoms are probably just a virus.  That we all get.  All the time.  
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Ok .. I touched her butt (in the skin only)
And before kiss in the mouth without saliv
Ok i need any rest?
Did your penis come into contact with her genitals while both of you were unclothed? If not, you don't need to get tested.

The only risky activities are mouth to genital contact (oral sex), genital to genital contact (rubbing, grinding, intercourse), and anal to genital contact (rubbing, grinding, intercourse). The genital to genital and anal to genital contact needs to be unclothed for it to be a risk.
Oh and kissing is not a risk.
My penis touched her buttocks but I was dressed and dressed outside
My nude penis never touched her body.
Today I started with sore throat
STDs don't go through clothing. If you were dressed, you have no risk.

You should see your doctor for your sore throat if it lasts longer than a few days, but it's not related to this encounter.
Thank you .. I assure you that my penis is never touched and I am naked
But what if I touch her body with my hand and then touched my penis knowing that I did not notice any liquids but touched her breast nipples and her belly and then touched my penis.. ok this last qustion
No, touching her breasts and belly is not a risk, and hands don't transmit STDs. You have to have direct contact with your mouth to her genitals, or your genitals to her genitals, or her mouth to your genitals to get an STD. That's the only way, and the contact would have to be unclothed.

I promise you had no risk.
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