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possible exposure

I got a dry hump by a stripper, she removed her panties and may pants, but still i have may underwear on. however the moment i got an erection the tip of my private is protruding. since the light is off im scared that there could be a possible vag fluid exposure.
1. is there a major risk for std like gonorrhea and hsv2?
2. should i still needs to get test from gonorrhea and other stds?
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Hsv2 can be transmitted without blisters, through asymptomatic viral shedding.



However, it doesn't sound as if you are sure there was actual contact. If there wasn't, you aren't at risk. A simple touch of skin won't transmit it either.

Your genital skin would have to come into contact with her genital skin and there would have to be friction in order to transmit. It doesn't sound like this happened? In any case,
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