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syphiiis rpr testing

hey there:

my question is complicated.  

many years ago, between 7-12 years ago, i had received unprotected oral from csw women in the usa.  i never has symptoms of syohilis and i am married.

a few years ago i decided to test for syphilis.  two rpr tests both negative.

but during those years of behavior 7-12 years ago i had 7 day amoxicillin given to me for teeth work, twice over the years.   could i have had syohilis from the receptive orall, never had symptoms, given it to my wife, she never had symptoms, and then years later tested negative for syphilis — my concern is that inadvertently cured it from the 7 day course of amox, at some point and thus tested negative years later.

i know this is complex hope the question makes sense?
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thank you for that reply.  i’ve read on hook and handfield forums that amox, a penicillin relative, would cure syohilis if given for 7-10 days or more.  i can find their statement if i search their forum.  this is what spooked me.

i wonder what they meant by that.

my tests were nearly 4 years ago and now it’s hitting me.
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I did find a study that said amox at certain doses for a certain amount of time would be effective, in early syphilis.

Penicillin is the drug of choice.

It doesn't matter here, though, because you've tested negative, never had symptoms, and almost certainly had a very low risk.

Let. It. Go.
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Amox will not cure syphilis. Only penicillin will at very specific doses.

Syphilis is uncommon, and getting it from oral would be even less likely.

Two negative RPRs means you don't have it, especially if you've never had symptoms.

You can let it go.
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also i did ask my gp this question and was told 7 days of amoxicillin would not cut
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also i did ask my gp this question and was told 7 days of amox would not cure syohilis.  but i’m still unsure.  thanks!
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