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? rash from syphillis?

6 Months ago I had unprotected oral sex with a prostitute, and then protected vaginal sex. Day 1 after the exposure I took azithromax 2 grams, and 5 days of doxycylcine 100 bid.  
5 1/2 weeks later, my sed rate, c-reactive protein and white count was normal. I also was tested for HSV/HIV/gonorehea/syphillis. Everything was normal. I never had any genital lesions.
For Two months now, I have had a rash on my shoulders and upper chest.  It will not clear. It is small (3-5 mm pimples) that necrose and bleed, heal within  3-4 days. Now my wife has the rash on her face. Could I have given her syphillis?

1) How well would azithromax and doxy taken within 24 hrs prophylax against syphillis?
- how often do people miss the lesion of primary syphillis?
2) Was 5 weeks too soon to screen for sypillis? I used quest laboratories and the tSTD website.
3)Would my white count and sed rate etc be normal with acute syphillis?
4) I think I am being paranoid. Would secondary syphillis cause a two month rash with mildlyswollen axillary nodes?
5) Do i need to be tested again? I am praying I didn't give my wife anything . Thanks for your patience and help
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The sexual exposure you describe here seems to be the same one that was on your mind in your thread on this forum 3 months ago.  As Dr. Hook told you then, the chance of any STD was zero or close to it.  He also told you that the antibiotics you took would have prevented or cured any STD that was brewing.  That includes syphilis,, which anyway is a very rare STD, even in most commercial sex workers.

1) Those antibiotics are 100% effective in preventing syphilis.
2) Even if you had been exposed to syphilis, the antibiotics would have prevented you from having a positive blood test.  The timing of your test makes no difference.
3) WBC and sed rate are irrelevant to judging whether or not someone has syphilis.
4) "Paranoid" is your term, not mine -- but clearly you are overreacting, probably out of guilt over your sexual indiscretion.  Any rash or other symptoms you have cannot be due to syphilis from the exposure you describe.
5) No further testing is necessary.  You did not catch any STD and could not possibly have infected your wife.

The emotional effect is the only health problem you have from your extramarital adventure.  Deal with that, including counseling if that's what it takes.  But you can forget any and all STDs.  Please don't ask a third time.

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