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34year old man considering using gardasil

Dear Sirs and Dr Handsfield,

I read Dr Handsfield's very informative response to a person's question regarding Gardasil at:


The benefits of Gardasil seem compelling to me and I am keen to go ahead and get the vaccine.

I have however found it very difficult to find any commentary online as to whether a man my age (34 years old) should take the vaccine save for your good response on medhelp.

To get to my question (sorry for the long winded wind up),amongst your colleagues is there a general view / consensus that it is fine (i.e. no major negative side effects) for a man aged 34 yrs old to get Gardasil? The reason I ask is because you are the only person online I have come across that has expressed this view. I presently live in Moscow and have found it difficult to get advice on this from Doctors here as they tend not to be
across the vaccine and are may cash inclined to administer it!
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Welcome to our forum.  Let me add my endorsement to Dr. Handsfield's detailed response.  There is certainly no unusual physical harm which is known to be more likely as persons ( and men in particular) take the HPV vaccine and it is likely to work about as well in older men as younger ones (all vaccines are a bit less effective for people as they age but not dramatically so).   Thus the only issue in my mind is the issue of cost.  If cost is not a problem, I see no reason for you not to take the HPV vaccine and, personally, while the efficacy of both HPV vaccines is effectively the same for HPV types 16 and 18, if it were up to me, I'd want to receive the vaccine which contains 4 HPV types rather than the one which contained only two.  

I hope this is helpful. EWH
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