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4th generation tests

Dear Dr. Herschel

Sorry for my English...it is not my mother tongue.

I went for a massage in far east. The lady provoked me and we had sexual intercourse (with condom, not broken or fall off). The she left the room and came back few minutes later with the words: I had to wash my *****.
Then she mad me a blowjob (with condom, not broken) and made a massage by hands with oil.

In the aftermath I was worried that she had vaginal fluid at her hands which puts me at some risk. Or that she "fooled" me and put some vaginal fluid in the inside of the condom before she made the blowjob.

Anyway, 4-5 days later i had some "pulling" below my armpits, and sometimes to the breast, alternating between left and right side.
Additionally, I had some pain in the upper muscle/ upper groin area (upper muscle sartorius/ transition between belly and leg) also alternating left and right (never together with armits/ alternating between each of the 4 areas).
Sometimes it stopped.In the fifth week,I got extremely nervous and could not sleep, with heart palpitations, dizzines in the morning and high blood pressure (once upper 155/lower100).
Then I have got a sunburn like rash- on head, breast arms which was like on for one day, went away and then came again (anxiety?? hypertermia??). Roughly 3 times. Since then I feel I have a mre redish skin in the face and on the arms and brest/belly.

After 6.5 weeks, i had in the morning a sore throat, however, after taking 2 tablets in was over. Towards evening, I have realized that I still have some flu will come (nose discharge) and I have taken Wicks Medinait medicine for sleeping. The next day I was tired for the first 2/4 of the day with some muscle pain starting the following night for roughly 2-3 days.
Afterwards, I had 3 very small red dots (pustuliform....max 2-3 millimeters....like teenagers have) on the breast respectively belly.
The disapeared within 2 days when squezzed out and washed with soap. Then again, after 2-3 days pause, I had again this red pustuliform little spots on arms, forhead and breast (however, only 2-3 new per day). The others disappaered again...

I have to say that my girlfriend (sex only with condom) had some flu symptoms one day before I have got it (e.g. sneezing, tired) which were lasting in very mild form for a week and had then fever, nausea, nose discharge.. etc..

Further, I have taken 2 4th generations test after 16 days and after 27 days - both negative.
And I have taken a antibody test after 6.5 weeks - also negative.

What do you think of this?
When are 4th generation test reliable (also 3 month mark)(any official data?

Thank you for your help!!

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The risk of getting HIV from the exposure you describe was too low to worry about, since you used a condom that remained intact and acquisition by fellatio (blow job) is extremely rare.  In my view, you didn't need HIV testing at all.  The 16 day test was too soon, but the 4 week test was highly if not perfectly reliable; and your negative test at 6.5 weeks nails it down with certainty:  You do not have HIV.

Your symptoms don't sound like HIV either. I don't know what you have, though; you'll have to see a heatlhcare provider.

For further information, see all the messages available if you search the forum for "HIV anxiety"--which is the main keyword I am using for this thread as well.

In other words, relax; you have nothing to worry about.

Best wishes-- HHH, MD
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I have forgotten to mention:

I have checked my knots sometimes several times per day...and I guess this provoked the knots (not sure..). However, I have never realized new (there are some old existing ones) or really big swollen knots in the groin, below armpits or at the neck....

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Dear Dr. Handsfield

Thank you for your comment!

In another forum (http://www.aidsmeds.com/Fusetalk/messageview.cfm?catid=4&threadid=22844

I have seen that you have provided some accuracy data for antibody tests which confirms my truly belief that a 3 month mark is too much.
You have provided the following data:

anti-body detected one week after the exposure
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Those are not my numbers; a forum user posted them.  I said I couldn't vouch for them but they looked "about right", or some such statement.  Somebody else then responded they were from some website they though orginated in China ?).

In  fact, the numbers look too optimistic; the antibody tests do not turn postive quite that soon after infection. Also, nobody has studied this with sufficient precision to provide confidence to several decimal places.  My guess the numbers are made up.

None of which affects my response to your question.  You don't have HIV.  This wil be my last reply or comment.

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