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A list of events symtpoms of stds?

I have posted before. Exactly 2 weeks ago, I recieved oral sex for a couple of minutes and engaged in unprotected sex for about 20 seconds.  I did not ejaculate. I have been on tetracycline for the past 2 and a half weeks for my acne.  this was my second sexual encounter in my life so I was very worried that I might have caught something. I had anxiety and got checked out at student clinic. They said that I probably did not get anything because no swollen lymph nodes at the time and no discharge from my penis, and If i did catch something gonorrhea or chlamydia the tetracycline would clear it up.  the past few weeks I have been experiencing some lower abdominal pain, and thought it was from the tetracyline until some recent events have come up.  Two days ago I had protected sex, and did not ejaculate. However, yesterday evening when I was showering, i noticed something like a red rash when i pulled my foreskin back to clean.  It shocked the hell out of me because it kinda looked like the herpes pictures online without the white bumps.  it was just red in a few patches.  there are no white bumps and nothing oozing from them.  today, it has seemed to have gone down since yesterday, but there is an area that is still red.  
Symtpoms I have experienced since first encounter 2 weeks ago:
- some lower abdominal pain
-diarrhea (maybe tetracycline and anxiety)  
-red rash on penis shaft nothing oozing out though.   the redness clears up substantially by the day.
-discomfort, sometimes itchiness in genital region.
should I get tested for anything now?  I was reading some of the other posts, and I remember the doctors saying something about the time frame that thigns can happen and when they go away, based upon that they are pretty sure that no std is present.  Do you think I am at risk for something?  Should I worry about the redness on the shaft of my penis.  It seems to be subsiding by half every day.
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I worry that after the concerns you expressed during your previous posting you are still having unprotected sex, then worrying about it.  There appears to be a disconnect here.  Think about what you are doing and the potential risks you are taking and then act accordingly.  You do NOT HAVE TO PUT YOURSELF AT RISK WITH UNPROTECTED SEX!  Having said that, let's discuss your questions.

Your risk is, once again, low.  For herpes to appear a day after an exposure is just about unheard of.  It is not unusual for there to be residual redness in the genital areas following sex, particularly in your case, the tender skin of the head of the penis in an uncircumcised man.  I do not think yo need to worry about having acquired herpes.

As before, that you are on tetracycline greatly reduces your risk of having acquired bacterial STDs such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis.

None of your symptoms, nor your history suggest to me that you need to be tested.

Finally, please be aware that unprotected intercourse is unprotected intercourse and the duration of exposure, while perhaps a logical component of estimating risk, has never been studied.  

Hope this helps.  If I had to tell you the most important advice I have for you, it is that you can modify your risk and should consider this.  EWH

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I had the same experience. For me it was a reaction to the latex in the condom. This is very common.

The doctor also said that the tip is always red to some extent, but because I was checking it so much, I was freaking myself out.

To me it doesn't sound like herpes. Herpes is usually horrifically painful. Most people need to get into a bath to urinate. Also it manifests itself in raised open sores and would not clear up within a day.

Go to a doctor to be sure, but you sound like you'll be fine. A full STI check would put your mind completely at ease.

This could all be behind you by this time next week.

All the best.
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Thank you for your comments.  Just to clarify, I did not have unprotected sex again, in my post it says that I engaged in PROTECTED Sex.  The first episode of unprotected sex in my life was 2 weeks ago and lasted for 20 seconds.  This is where all of my anxiety and thoughts were coming from.  Aside from this note.
I wanted to know your thoughts on my lower abdominal pain.  I went to a general surgeon and he completely ruled out inguinal hernia.  He did however say my lymph nodes were swollen.  Could be a GI infection or something.  That is why my axiety has kicked in again, because I did not know if this was caused by the one episode i had 2 weeks ago.  
1).  what are your thoughts about the abdominal pain.
2)   what do you think could cause the lymph nodes in this area to be irritated.

enjoy your thanksgiving.  I sincerly appreciate your advice.
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I guess my first post was not clear:

2 weeks ago unprotected sex no ejaculation.  

few days ago protected sex  no ejaculation.  redness on shaft of penis which seems to have subsided in 2 days.

throughout 2 weeks abdominal pain. little itchy.  lymphnodes a bit swollen.  no sores, no blisters, no drainage or oozing.

what could be the lymph nodes irritation and abdominal pain.
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I cannot diagnose the cause of your abdominal pain over the internet.  It would not be fair to you or ethical of me.  Inguinal lymph nodes swelling can be caused by just about any sort of irritation between your navel and your toes.  You have had abdominal complaints recently so perhaps the swelling is related to this.  You have been seen by at least physician who was not concerned.  i would suggest you should not be either.  EWH
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