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A few weeks ago I post a question about a probably exposure to blood from a HIV infected patient ( Superficial cut  on the hand using gloves ). Your response was very clear and alleviate my anxiety. I  am agree with you that the new EIA assay can reduce dramatically the window period. The problem is that usually in USA the Labs don
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I am not an expert in HIV testing technology, but I'm pretty sure you are wrong about first vs later generation tests; virtually all labs use the most modern technology and you can rely on negative results at 4-6 weeks.  (The end of your first paragraph implies you may think that all ELISAs are first generation.  Not so; I believe the newer tests are ELISAs as well.)  I suspect you either were misinformed by LabCorps (perhaps spoke with someone who doesn't know the evolution in test technology), they misunderstood the question, or you didn't ask it clearly.

Anyway, my opinion is that you can be 100% sure you did not acquire HIV if your test is negative 12 weeks after exposure; and that almost no labs in the US are using any but the most up-to-date HIV testing technology.

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I will let others more knowledgeable than I respond to your comments.  But I find your assertions absolutely incredible.  If LabCorp were used dated technology to perform such a vital test, they would have been sued out of existence long ago.  I looked through the websites you identified, and found nothing new or that supports your assertions.
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Well I dont want to worrie you, I know the anxiety that all this produce, this 12 weeks has been the worse scary days in my life. Check the different techniques ( ELISA I, II AND III) Compare it, and check the Labcorp assay.
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I recall the doctor said in this forum that the new test can detect the HIV antibody about 5 days earlier than the old one during the first 6 week period. The sensitivy between the new test and the old one are almost the same at 12 weeks and beyond. I dont remember exact thread, but it is very close to what he said. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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The difference after 12 weeks with the older and new test if no too much I am agree but in the firts weeks is notorius, even after 12 weeks is some difference around 3%
Check this journal

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It is "almost" true.  LabCorp uses a second generation anti-body test.  I have verified this information twice through the internet site that I used for testing.  They even called LabCorp to make sure.  I got a DNA PCR test at 28 and 51 days, both negative, so hopefully that is proof I am truly negative.  At the 51 day mark I also got an anti-body test, but since it was second generation, it was probably useless.
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