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Are these signs of HIV infection?

I had episodes of protected and unprotected sex with two females friend of mine; me penetrating partner. One more partner but was protected.
Symptoms: Soar throat, one night sweat, rash on my left sole (three itchy bumps surrounded by black dots); Aching muscles; gingivitis; two mouth ulcers (first went away after one day but  right after it a new one appeared); painful bump in my tongue; fatigued; and feeling like something is stocked in my throat. All appeared over the course of two weeks. Only muscle aches lasted long.
Gives me hope... I had been under a lot of stress for a long time because I broke up with my ex-wife. I was also working a lot and did not rest well. I graduated and partied for two weeks straight. I moved back home to my parents and switched from waking up at 10:00 am to 6:00am in one day ( I attribute the fatigue to this). Never had fever only few chills at work but the building was very cold. One of my coworkers caught a flu a few days after I arrived and my brother also caught a very mild athlete foot. Rash only in the left sole and cured with medicine. No swollen or enlarged glands.
Girls... First girl tested four months before and claimed she always used a condom. Second was virgin but was raped (lots of blood during intercourse and condom slipped off twice). Third one is Western European. Said she could not tell me for certain but was sure she did not. She got tested the year before and was about to test again. The three girls do not have a history of STD's and no drug. Four of us are white, middle-high class people. I am a heavy smoker too. Is this ARS? Should I be ready for a positive diagnosis?  
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This question is posted on the wrong site.  It belongs on the HIV Prevention site.  Out of courtesy I will briefly answer your question but that will be the end of this thread.  If we do not do this, as a result of people using the wrong site, others do not get their questions addressed.  Any future questions must be posted on the HIV prevention site and all further posts to this site will be deleted.

Your fears are misplaced.  Rather than posting, you would be well served to read any ten previous posts on the HIV prevention site.  In doing so you will find that 5-8 of them carry the same message- that symptoms are terribly unreliable indicators of HIV infection and, in particular, the ARS because there are hundreds (at least) of other processes (most of which are community  acquired, non-sexually transmitted) which can cause the same symtoms.  As for your symptoms, while some of them share characteristics of the ARS, others like rash on soles and tongue bumps for instance, are not part of the ARS.  In addition and perhaps more importantly, from what you describe, the likelihood that your partners are infected is very, very low and the odds of acquiring infection, if any one of them was infected (and they are not) is less than one in one thousand. if they were.

Putting all of this together (read the paragraph above again, slowly), there is absolutely no reason for you to think or be concerned that you might have gotten HIV.  EWH
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Thanks doc....

It is so scary to be in this situation. I am testing soon to clear up my mind. I really hope I will be negative
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