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Best option for getting rid of many warts on labia?

I have extremely tiny warts covering all of my  outer labia and some of my inner labia.I was wondering what the best option would be for me to get rid of them.I mean there is not a single spot that does not have the tiny warts on them.I went to the doctor and I do know that it is indeed HPV.I have already had to have the loop(?) procerdure done because of having cervical dsyplesia(sp?).I know that there is freezing/laser and creams but what would be the best option including price(I know all of these are very costly) and time to get rid of the warts.I really want to get rid of them because just the thought of them makes me sick.They are so small that they are barely noticeable but I notice them and that is all that matters.

Any help I would appreciate.
Thank you.
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Although I don't like to compete with diagnoses made by other doctors in person, your description doesn't sound typical for warts; I have never seen a case with so many small HPV lesions.  Warts are irregularly distributed (spotty), not so uniform that every place you look is involved.  I suggest you get a second opinion, perhaps by a dermatologist; or by a gynecologist if your doctor isn't one.

If indeed the lesions are warts, I would be inclined to treat with imiquimod (Aldara).

Good luck-- HHH, MD
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The warts are very tiny and flat.I have had them for the last 8 years I guess.I had always gotten tested for stds and never once did the doctors say anything about me having warts.How I found out was that I went to the doctor thinking I had a wart(it was a skin tag)and that is when she used the vinegar and then she showed me.That was years after I had first noticed them but didn't think anything of them since I had only had sex with one person and always used condoms.Granted, now I know that it doesn't matter how many partners and if condoms are used or not that you can still catch stds but at the time I did not know.I smoke and I have heard that,that will prevent the warts from going away because the smoking takes away oxygen from the cells.Also when I was diagnosed with having the cervical dysplesia I asked the doctor how I got it not mentioning that I had HPV and she never said anything about HPV or warts.She basically said it was because I smoked and took birth control pills(this was a different doctor than the one who dianosed the warts).Everything I have read has stated that HPV and cervical cancer go hand and hand that, that is the only cause of it.

If you do not think it is indeed warts what else could it be?I could try and take a picture and post it back on here but I am not sure if that is allowed.
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Also, I wanted to thank you for this forum and for answering people's questions.I was suprised at how quickly my question got answered.This is a really wonderful service you are doing for everyone.

Thank you so much.
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Now I'm even more convinced you don't have warts.  I have never heard of genital warts persisting 8 years, especially not changing much over that time (as you imply).  See a dermatologist; and unless s/he is very certain about a visual diagnosis, ask for a biopsy, which is the definitive way to diagnose warts if there is any doubt.  The biopsy will be no big deal; a little local anesthetic and a small piece of tissue sent to a laboratory.

Thanks for the thanks.  You're welcome.

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