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Blisters on pubic mound

I had unprotected sex with one girl about 8 days ago and another about 7 days ago (I know, bad). The following day after I had sex with the second person I notice about 3 little blisters looking similar to ant bites on my pubic mound. After I saw them, I treated them like I do pimples and force them to burst (I keep picking at them throughout the day, I can't help it). They burst like normal pimples with the whiteish puss coming out. And after I burst them 2 or 3 times over a day period, blood comes out like regular pimples and they scab over. After that, they seem to go away but others are popping up in different places. I had like 8 or 9  that appeared but all solely on the pubic mound, no where else. Also they are in random places spread out... no clusters. None of them hurt and I'm having no itching problems besides the little itchty feeling after I pick at them like normal pimples. I'm a black male, so I guess it might be hard for me to see redness... but I don't really see any major redness besides after I picked at them.

2 of them formed 4 times the size of an ant bite (like a big pimple) and seem slow to heal. One if them is on a slightly raised lumb. It was the 1st one to appear. Hardly any puss coming out it now, just mostly blood. The other younger, smaller one seems to be going away, just alittle slower than the rest of them.

I'm have no pain anywhere, no fever or cold symptoms, no problem urinating, nothing but blisters on the pubic mound.

Any idea?

Edit: I initially wrote this yesterday, and as of today, everything seems to be going away. All the blisters left are now dry and slightly scabbed over with new skin showing (except one new one, but its way more smaller than the rest). The 1st odd one still looks weird though. It�s still a small lump, red on the top and slightly dry and scabbed. When I squeezed it, clear liquid came out, no puss or blood I could tell.

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I don't examine posted photos; to me it comes too close to practicing from a distance.  But from your description, almost certainly you have folliculitis or a localized bacterial infection like staph or strep. It probably has nothing to do with your recent sexual encounter.  (Well, it is possible you picked up staph or strep if your partner happens to be a carrier.  But most likely it's just coincidence.)  It isn't herpes or any other STD, which don't typically occur in the pubic area.  See a health care provider if the problem doesn't continue to improve or if it returns.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is interesting but still a thread jump, until/unless somebody has a question about it.
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I did look at the photo. I am no doctor or a dermatologist but I would speculate that the lesion is an infected hair follicle. If you squeeze them, they may get tender and increase in size to become a boil. Does that lesion hurt? If not and a small dimple develops, molluscum is a possibility.

M O L L U S C U M - just incase that damn profanity filter is switched on again. Please post back if you see a doctor.
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