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Brief Genital to Genital Contact During Massage - Risks?

Hi Dr's,

Male / 33 / Uncircumcised / Otherwise Good Heath (Save Paranoia) / NO STD Symptoms

4 weeks ago I visited a massage parlour where I had a body to body massage. I was fully naked, she was fully naked. During the massage our genitals briefly touched a few times; the head of my penis against her labia minora. There was no penetration, no oral sex and no anal sex.

I (think) understand from previous answers that my risk for STD's is ZERO, save for a theoretical small risk of HPV / HSV2 and Syphilis. Is this correct or have I missed anything?

I have since the even taken part in unprotected sex 2-3 times with a partner. Hypothetically speaking even if I was inoculated on the day of the massage, are my chances of spreading the viruses lower as it's a new infection, or am I just as infectious from the get go as I would be after 12 weeks? I ask as I understand briefly from previous posts that it's not just "1" unit of virus that can realistically transmit (in certain circumstances it needs to be a greater number).

Best wishes,
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Welcome to the Forum.  Your understanding of which STDs there is (theoretical) risk for is correct.  If your partner had any of these STDs, syphilis, herpes of HPV could theoretically be transmitted through direct contact of the sort you describe.   The likelihood of transmission is however very low and in practical terms not something to be worried about.  

Regarding your other question, your statement that transmission becomes more likely when more microorganisms are present is true as well.  The numbers of organisms present vary both from organism to organisms and over the course of infection however and are affected by many things.  Thus, answering your theoretical question about how likely transmission might be to occur is simply not possible.  In any case however, the likelihood that you were infected, much less that you have since transmitted infection to someone else is very, very low and should not concern you.

I hope these comments are helpful.  EWH
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