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Bumps in my pubic area…

On December 12 I had vigorous protected vaginal sex with a CSW lasting about a half hour.  On December 22th I noticed some itching sensations and slight pain just above the base of my penis in my pubic region.  On December 19 I also had vigorous sex with my significant other.  On December 23rd the itching become slightly painful and I noticed an extremely small cut, approximately 1mm.  At worked I sweated profusely in my clothes and was unable to shower for a couple of hours.  Later that night I noticed some bumps starting to rise.  By the 24th I had what look like skin colored pimples about 4 in a row just in the spot of the small cut, and 2 more “pimples” popped up about 1.5 inches further up in my pubic region.  These pimples itched and were slightly painful they were surrounded by hair and I think one of them actually had a hair growing out of it.  I applied Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream every couple of hours and seemed to get relief from the itching.  On the December 25 while applying cream I squeezed on the “pimples” lightly and it popped and released a clear liquid.  I then proceeded to pop all of them and immediately the itching seemed to subside, and continued to apply cream.  After popping the “pimples” they looked like a surface cut and within a day or 2 started to scab over and heal.  By the beginning of January it would be hard to tell that any of this has happened.  I do continue to feel itchy sensations in that area and realize it is probably just my mind.

A little bit of background I do intermittently use an electric razor to shave my pubic region, and have had folliculitis on a couple of occasions.  Problem is normally when that happens it is obvious that there is hair growing out of all the bumps and I can see puss at the tip of the pimples.

Because of the time frame of the holidays I did not get a chance to go see my doctor and get tested.
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Thank you very much for your prompt and detailed response!
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Welcome to the forum.  I'll try to help.

The main STD that can cause genital area lesions similar to this is herpes.  However, herpes rarely starts in the pubic area or other hair-bearing areas; the initial lesions almost always involve the areas that receive the most friction during sex, i.e. the penis itself (and the vaginal opening or labia minor in women).

You give an excellent description of typical symptoms and signs of pubic area folliculitis, i.e. inflammation/infection of the hair follicles.  This fits best with the location and the association of some lesions with hairs, and indeed your pubic area shaving might be part of the problem.  Shaving can cause minor scratches that give staph, strep, or other bacteria a foothold to grow.  And folliculitis and other superficial skin infections also are more a problem when the involved area is moist and warm, as you describe.

I suggest you avoid shaving for a few weeks.  If the problem recurs, wash frequently with soap and water and keep the area dry, e.g. with talc or cornstarch in your underwear.  If that doesn't clear it up, see a doctor or clinic to confirm the diagnosis; some cases require a few days of an oral antibiotic prescription.  But based on your description, I really don't think you have any serious worries about herpes or any other STD.

Best regards--  HHH, MD
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