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Bumps on Throat


I had gave oral sex to a new partner about 2 months ago. Two weeks after it happened, I got a sore throat and started to get flesh coloured bumps (kind of like small red pimples) on the wall of the back of my throat. Since then, the throat healed up as normal, but the bumps are still on my throat. I was tested for STD's in my genetal area, and they all came back negative, but I didn't even know you could test for STD's on your throat. The fact that this has been in my throat for 2 months is strange to me, but it doesn't hurt me in any way though. I asked my doctor what he thought it was and he said maybe inflammation, but would that last this long?

Do you think this is STD related or just the way my throat looks?

Thanks for your help.
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The sore throat and bumps probably were not due to the sexual exposure you describe; more likely a garden-variety respiratory virus.  Persisting bumps might be prominent lymphoid tissue; our throats have many mini-lymph nodes just below the surface and they can become prominent with infections.  This probably is what your doc was trying to convey by "inflammation".

Gonorrhea can infect the throat and you could be tested for it, but it seems unlikely.  You don't say your sex or that of your partner:  if your partner is a male, there is a slight chance you acquired gonorrhea of the throat, but that's about it.  If your are speaking of cunnilingus, the risk of STD is even lower.  Have you asked your partner whether s/he might have an STD?  (If he is male and had gonorrhea, he would know it.)

Bottom line:  Probably a garden-variety virus with slowly resolving lymphoid inflammation.  Follow your doctor's advice if you have further questions.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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