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Bumps on shaft of penis

Hello-I have several bumps on the shaft of my penis.  Mostly where the hair stops from my scrotum.  I am very hairy in this area.  However, I do some much smaller bumps higher up on the shaft, most with very fine hairs.  All are not painful and have a slightly darker color than the rest the skin in this area.  More of them have come as I have aged 30yo now.  The reason for my concern is that I looked at some pictures of Molluscum contagiosum and the bumps looked somewhat similar ie. having a depression in the middle.  It should be said that 95% of the bumps start with a hair, so I think the depression is the hair follicle.  I have had unprotected sex over the years with girlfriends etc., but no STDs to my knowledge.  About 3 pronounced bumps on each side of penis shaft 1-3mm (base) and a couple smaller bumps higher on shaft 1mm.  My scrotum has bumps where each pubic hair starts as well. 1) Should I be concerned?  What do you think I have, if anything? 2) Is there anything I can do to reduce this issue? 3) Could this be caused by masturbation with Vaseline and Lotion? 4) Is there any lotion etc. that is safe to masturbate without clogging pores?
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From your description, this doesn't sound like anything other than normal hair follicles, both on your penis and scrotum.  With a fine hair emerging from most or all the bumps, that's really the only possibility in the absence of overt inflammation (redness, pus).  Hair follicles tend to become more prominent with aging.  You describe nothing that suggests molluscum other than the dimpling, and that can occur in hair follicles.  On balance, I very much doubt you have molluscum or any STD.

1) From your description, I see no cause for concern.  But I can only speculate; seeing a health professional is the only way to know for sure.

2) If the hair follicles are normal, as I suspect, there is nothing you either need to do or should try to do to "reduce them".  If they're normal, I see no reason you would want to do so anyway.

3) Most likely masturbation has nothing to do with it, regardless of what lubricant is used.

4) In general, pore clogging is not caused by any creams or ointments of any kind.  Pore clogs are generated internally.  The clogging material is called sebum and is a mixture of oils and cells produced normally by the body.  (I'm not a dermatologist.  You could check me out and get further clarification on the MedHelp dermatology forum.)

But in your case, I doubt sebum is involved.  Most likely you have squeezed some of your lesions and have been unable to express any material.  That's because the whitish bumps are the hair follicles themselves.

All in all, this sounds like something you can safely disregard.  It also sounds like you should stop inspecting your genital skin so closely.  But if you remain concerned, see your primary care provider for reassurance and/or diagnosis.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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