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Chlamidya from massage parlor happy ending

Doctor, I had a question that has been bugging me for the past few weeks.

33 days ago I went to a massage parlor and received a sensual massage with a handjob at the end. She then wiped me up with a towel and took me to a table shower to rinse me off, the table had a small pool of water already there and she had me lay down on the table front and back side both.

After a few days i felt some irritation under my glans penis which did get slightly better after using hydro cortizone cream for a few days. But it still seems to be there even 33 days later

5 days after the massage I went to the gym after a long time and was wearing really tight underwear, when i was running on the treadmill I could feel my glans penis rubbing on the sweaty underwear. 2 days later I had a small painful bumpy rash under my urethra [the bumps were really tiny red colored with a visible vertical red streak when i spread apart the skin fold on the glans penis [circumsized] I put a lamisil cream on the rash and provided relief overnight, and the pain almost completely went away within a few days.

The small red bumps [2 or 3 tiny tiny bumps, that blend in with the skin when the penis is erect] do remain even now 33 days later.

I did go to the Urologist and they tested my urine on the spot, they said the urine was clear, no ketones, no white blood cells, no blood,.

my questions are the following:

1) Did my massage open me to contracting an STD, specifically the table shower?

2) I have read that chlamidya can be "silent" Is there a specific test I need to take to determine if I have chlamidya? Would it show up on the quick urine test they did in the doctor's office?

3) Does the bumpy rash seem consistant with a friction burn or could it be some STD?

4) What topical cream could I use on the bumps and to soothe the stinging/cut like irritation under my glans penis?

Thanks for your help and attention to my question.
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Welcome to the Forum. No part of the events that you mention raises any concerns about STDs at all.  Let me work through your questions one-by-one.

1.  No, STDs are not spread by masturbation.  As far as the table shower is concerned, also no risk.  Pure tap water would kill chlamydia and other agents of STD if for some reason they had been there.

2.  Yes, there are specific tests for chlamydia but in my opinion you do not need them.  Urine can be tested for chlamydia but it doesn't sound like yours was.  Most persons who do have chlamydia do however have white blood cells in their urine and, since yours did not, this is further evidence that you did not have chlamydia.

3.  Yes, it does sound like a friction burn and just about any cream, including lamisil would be soothing.  It certainly does not sound like chlamydia or other STD.

4.  See above.  Just about any cream or lotion would be soothing but the main thing needed for healing is time.  If the irritation gets worse, there could be a yeast infection or other local reaction.  

I hope that this comment helps.  There is nothing in the events you mention to make me worry about STD.  EWH
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