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Chlamydia positive and hiv in Malaysia

Was overseas with work visiting Kuala Lumpur and had unprotected sex and oral sex with what I believe to be a "pro". I never had an orgasm but not sure if that even matters.
Had the misfortune of finding out that this "pro" was chlamydia positive from my wife who tested positive for chlamydia during a papsmeer.  I was tested and was found to be positive as well.  

Only symptoms I've had is dealing with the stress of attempting to keep my marriage together; other than that never experienced any symptoms as the malaysia trip was in late July 05'.  

My wife and I were both recently tested for HIV and I'm curious what the chances are of testing positive for HIV considering the unprotected sex was with a girl from 3rd world country with high rate of stds and HIV?  

Also we have been given antibiotics for the Chlamydia, and was curious if after it goes away is there ever a chance of this returning in the future?
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The negative tests in both you and your wife prove with 100% certainty you did not acquire HIV from the exposure you describe.  I can't guess the likelihood your Kuala Lumpur partner had HIV, but if she had it, you didn't catch it.

Properly treated, the standard chlamydia treatments are about 95 percent effective.  New CDC advice (which I helped develop and have long recommended) is that both men and women with chlamydia should be re-tested about 3 months after treatment.  This is termed "rescreening".  But if a 3 month rescreening test is negative, you can be confident it will not come back.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Hey Doc., I think it sounds like he is still waiting for the HIV results...or am I reading it wrong?
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I think this man may have been HIV tested before the incident he is worried about-so HIV neg- then his trip- and now worried
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I thought he meant he was tested for HIV and negative.  If not and he tests negative now, same outcome--reliably uninfected.

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Just a quick question
When his wife was tested during her papsmear
was her vaginal fluid used to test or blood or urine?
And can 1 urine sample test for all std's including Hiv?
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Just to clear up my previous question.  My wife and I are still waiting for the results of the HIV test.  I wanted to find out what the chances are of testing positive for HIV considering my circumstances (unprotected sex with a "pro" who may be HIV positive). Sorry to string this out...
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