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Cold sores to baby
Hi doc,
I am worried about transmission of my cold sores to my 10 month old. We took him to urgent care yesterday and they diagnosed him with a middle ear infection. Now a day or so later he is still crabby and not himself. I am worried also because I see what appear to be red bumps on his upper lip.

Could they have misdiagnosed him with a ear infection when in fact he is having a initial outbreak of cold sores? I ha a cold sore a few weeks back and worry to death I gave it to him. Are ear infections a sign of initial outbreak?  I am very worried about this. Thanks.
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Welcome to the Forum.  I am not a pediatrician but will try to help.  If you get cold sores, I presume that (whether or not she knows it) your partner is also likely to have HSV-1 infection (remember, over 60% of adults have HSV-1 and most do not know it).  Thus there is a chance that at some point during his childhood your son may acquire HSV-1 (cold sores).  This is not the end of the world (far from it).  As for whether a new HSV-1 infection might be mistaken for HSV-1, the answer is no, an experienced pediatrician should not have any trouble differentiating the two.  Further, HSV-1 middle ear infections are quite uncommon.

The red bumps on his lip may or may not be related to the ear infection.  Again I think this is something better asked of your pediatrician than on this forum.

Sorry I can't provide more information.  EWH
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