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Concern Discharge Swollen glands

I am male 29, I had a repeated 1 off sexual encounter with a lady 26 we had unprotected vaginal, oral sex and anal. I am writing because I am obviously concerned about my symptoms since I had this encounter which was 2months 10 days ago.
I have been for STD checks and all clear so far.
The problem is I have recurrent white discharge
These are the symptoms
- White discharge
- Groin glands feel tender and swollen and there is a persistent throbbing   feeling started mild and now is every day
- Burning sensation on the bottom end of the penis tip after urinating (Not all the time)
- Glands under the armpits seem to throbbing left and right arm
- I have been getting regular headaches back of head I NEVER get headaches/I drink green tea and water all day if i do get a headache its very rare and on forehead
- Throat hurts for a day or two then stops not due to cold (last month on off)
-Blocked nose with no fever or sign of cold comes and goes (I am not allergic to anything)
- Dont know if its relevant but I have had bad backache for last 10 days
-Last 10 days loose stool
For the white discharge
I have had 2 treatments of antibiotics so far and the symptoms have not subsided
Week 3 Discharge started
Given antibiotics
Single dose of 4 pills (They said it was similar to one of the drugs bellow)
After a week started again
Second treatment  
-Metronidazole 400mg  (1 twice a day  5 days)
-Azithromycin 250 mg  (2  as single dose day 1 and 1 capsule daily for 4 days)
Week 9
White discharge not gone
I am very confused/worried what can this be? Herpes/HIV
Should they do more tests at the clinic?

Obviously something is not right if the glands are tender the swollenness and tingling has not subsided after all this time. I have not hurt myself glands wouldn’t be swollen for so long and get this throbbing feeling groin and armpits what could it be??

Any advice help

Thanks for you help, time and advice.
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question.  I'll try to help.

I'm curious whether your urethral discharge is spontaneous, i.e. it just shows up from time to time, or does it only seem to be present when you're looking for it, e.g. squeezing the urethra?  Is there more in the morning, i.e. when you haven't urinated overnight?  Is the crusting of dried discharge at the opening of the penis in the morning?  Is it associated with bowel movements?  

Depending in part on your answers to these details, this is the only symptom you describe that suggests you might have an STD.  None of the other things you mention is caused by any known STD.  As you were told in your many discussions on the HIV community forum and the herpes professional and community forums, many of them sound mostly like the physical manifestations of genitally focused anxiety; or that anxiety is making you more attuned to otherwise normal body sensations.

One possibility may be that you now have a yeast infection of your urethra, the result of all the antibiotics you have had.  It is also possible you ahve a prostate gland problem such as nonspecific prostatitis.  Such problems are not caused by STD.  Either of these possibilities would require professional assessment to judge.

Whatever is going on, I am quite certain you have nothing serious or harmful, either to you or to current or future sex partners, and my best judgment is that you have nothing you caught from your sex partner several weeks ago.  If you have not seen a urologist or infectious diseases specialist, that might be a logical next step.

Let me know the answers to my questions above and I might have additional ideas or advice.  But in the meantime, try to stay relaxed.  Almost certainly this isn't anything serious.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Hello Doctor,

When I went to the Clinic they said they are not sure what bacteria could be causing this discharge and it is very hard to indentify.

The discharge initialy started first thing in the morning then small quanities during the day.
I could feel that there was a leak, something unusual for me and then examine. When the white cloudy liquid came out it would then sting whilst urinating. During the day the sting would stop and happen again only when the white fluid came out.
There is not crusting over night only during the day on boxers and not on the penis opening.
There is not relation or association to bowel movement.

To note
This morning I woke up to urinate, slightly pressed on the head and a big white/yellow dense liquid came out.

I am relaxed about the matter but the swollen glands are my main concern.
They examined my glands at the clinic and said they are swollen and asked me if I hurt myself playing sport.
I havent hurt myself and the glands are still swollen.

Thanks for you help
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Thanks for the clarifications.  Your urethral discharge is clearly abnormal, indicating an inflammatory process in your lower urinary tract -- either urethritis, prostatitis, or both.  I can't comment on your "swollen glands". Self-assessment of lymph node inflammation is very unreliable, and I would not assume yours are abnormal unless and until confirmed by a health professional.

Unfortunately, there's nothing more I or any other distant expert can do.  Forums like this are not meant for specific diagnosis or definitive answers to medical mysteries and I won't try.  You need to see a doctor, perhaps a specialist, for direct evaluation and care.  In the UK (I'm just guessing based on "whilst", which is rarely used in the US), your local NHS GUM clinic would be a good bet; or if you prefer private care, London's Freedom Health clinic or perhaps a urologist.  Equivalent specialists or clinics exist in most industrialized countries.

Good luck with it.

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