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Constant symptoms and no STD

Dr I have constant symptoms and I just got my results and they came back negative. Here is what has been going on. Two weeks ago I hooked up with an exboyfriend, who claimed to be STD free and I know him and he always takes care sexually. We mutually masturbated, genital to genital contact, he gave me oral, i only sucked his scrotum, and side of penis but never the head or took any precum in my mouth, or put his penis in my mouth. However I became extremely anxoius after because i have a bf and i cheated. After that i begin to develop these symptoms:

- Genital itching
- Genital discomfort
- A little diharge that looked cloudy and it looked like pee sometimes
- Nauseous
- stomachache
- Diziness
- Penile discomfort/ tingling, and itching on the tip of the head and in the urethra.

After the sex with my ex, i waited 1 week and decided to get tested. Now a week later, my tests came back NEGATIVE gonorrhea/chlamydia/syphilis. Im confused because my symptoms are still the same. I have also develop more severe genital symptoms. My whole crotch feels really sore to a point where my testicles hurted and I could not go to sleep, it feels as if someone had kicked me in the testicles. Everytime i ejaculate my whole insides of penis and genitals feel really sore and they hurt throughout the day.I think this might be due to 4 day ago when i was drunk and fell on a pile of slipery rocks on the beach, I was too drunk to notice what had happend but i remember really hurting mysfel, I also notice a bruice between my thigh and hip, therefore i think i hit myself in my testicles, but i was too drunk when i did. Also when i was going to the bathroom I noticed my urine was really orange, nothing i have ever seen. And my penis discomforts are still there and my testicles continue to feel sore. What should I do Doc? Are they STD symptoms, anxiety, or my injury from falling on the rocks while i was drunk?
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We ask client to only post twice in any six month period on this and/or the HIV prevention forum.  you have exceeded this.  thus you will get a single answer on this post and no more.  In addition, further posts between now and January will be deleted without comment.  This is not to "pick on" you but to allow others to access the limited numbers of slots we have on the Forums each day.

Your symptoms are neither compatible, nor suggestive of any STD.  I doubt that they are due to trauma either.  Rather, given the similarity of many of the symptoms listed to those mentioned in prior posts, I suspect they are a reflection of your ongoing anxiety related to sex and sexual activity.  Your negative tests further indicate that this is not an STD.  My advice would be to discuss this, as well as concerns you have voiced on other posts on this and other sites with a trained counselor.  I say this in an effort to help and for no other reason.  I hope it does help.  EWH
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