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Could I have std from brief oral sex?

On oct 5 I had an anonymous exposure in a porn shop.  I was masterbating with someone watching me.  At the moment of ejaculation this individual opened their mouth and I places the head of my penis on their tongue.  They wrapped their lips on my penis for just a second or 2 as I ejaculated in their mouth.  Could I have gotten an std this way?  Obviously this is an individual who was likely doing this often and would likely be more apt to std exposure.   This was not true oral sex, really just touching their mouth with my penis.

In late jan I started experiencing an increased urge to urinate and what I feel are subtle pains in the groin and pelvic area.  I also feel a mild burn after sex and during ejaculation.  This started after using a sex lubricant 2 days in a row with my girlfriend.  At this time we also used a vibrating toy that goes over the penis.

I have had mild prostatitis in the past but this seems more intense. (I'm also pretty freaked out)

Any thoughts on The initial exposure and could use of gel or a toy lead to an infection?

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Welcome to the Forum.  I'll be glad to make a few comments.  First the exposure you mention- although there may be some debate about what is and what is not oral sex, this really doesn't qualify.  The key component of any sexual contact that seems to facilitate transmission of STDs from one person to another seems to be the to and fro motion when mucous membranes are in contact with one another, this seems to facilitate introduction of microbes into the urethra.  The event you describe does not seem to include this and thus I would not anticipate any risk for STD from it. Further, the more than 4 months since your exposure is not supportive of a link between this event and you current symptoms.

As for your current symptoms, urinary frequency and the other symptoms you mention are not typical STD symptoms.  They however can be associated with prostatitis and the fact that you have had prostatitis before does put you at risk for recurrence.  Alternatively, you may have had some reaction to a chemical in the lubricant you describe or be experiencing something related to the vibrating toy you mention.  If the lubricant or toy are contributors, the symptoms should improve over 2-4 days following your last exposure.  If this is not the case, I'd suggest you seek medical evaluation but would not worry that this could be an STD related to your October event.

I hope this provides some help and direction. EWH
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