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Could it be Herpes

About  5 months ago I had an episode of sexual apositioning unprotected with no penetration.  3 months after the incident I went to the San Francisco City Clinic to have a herpes test.  They said it was negative.  Reading from your advice, you say that HerpeSelect is the reliable method.  I called them and asked if they were using HerpeSelect and they said yes. The next time I had sex was with my girlfriend after the test came negative.  She is STD free
About a week ago I masturbated and felt a raw skin feeling in a section of my shaft.  I looked at it and did not see any blisters or red bumps.  The feeling went away and I did not pay much attention any longer.  I masturbated again about 3 days ago and the raw skin spot was there.  It would only be noticeable when I would touch the area.  There was no discoloration or redness.  It would be noticeable only under the light and would present only a transparent coating, similar to when you burn your skin or carpet.  I took a shower and cleaned the area. The next day a scab showed up in the area in question.
Does it sound like herpes to you?
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Your description doesn't sound like herpes.  The negative blood test probably rules it out as well, although you don't say whether you were tested for HSV-2 only or also for HSV-1, which sometimes causes genital infection.  Also, most routine STD testing doesn't include herpes, in which case your girlfriend's belief she is "STD free" may not mean she is free of herpes.  Of course if she is infected, with or without symptoms, you could have acquired HSV from her since your blood test was done.

Still your description doesn't sound like herpes, which never recurs more often than every month or so; it cannot be responsible for a lesion that lasts only a couple of days then recurs after 3 days, with or without the trauma of vigorous masturbation.  But if there is any doubt, you should check on what virus type(s) were included in your blood test and perhaps consider whether your girlfriend should be tested.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Since you had negative herpes tests and your girlfriend is std free, it's not herpes.  Maybe you masturbated too hard.  Although genital herpes in usually mistaken for trauma, in your case it seems feasible.  Or possibaly another skin disorder.  Maybe you can consult a dermatologyst.
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My Girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years and have been monogamous, except for me on the genital rubbing incident.  
I havent had any scabs on my penis before this one, at least that i can remember.
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