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Dark shadow under eyes.

Thank you for your time Doctor.

Im male ,23, white, im NON-circumcised,no drug use,  about 2 moths ago i had
unprotected oral sex with one escort , lasted less than 5 min, she used alot of saliva to lubricate. After she finished with the oral, she put on a condom, i did not wipe clean my penis before she put it on, and then had protected sex for about 5 min also.when she finished i took the condom off and tied it so the semen wont spill put, showed me it was not broken.

Now i was not scared at all because for me i had safe sex, untill i saw my eyes the next day, and still today 2 moth later i have this dark rings around the eyes.This of couse made me read alot, and the next week i had pain in my joints and a inflamated gums and pain under jaw and behind ears .All this lasted like a week and then i got back to normal exept for the eyes, still to this day.

I fell fine, no irregular outbursts, and no pain in my genital area at all, i was not going to post but a friend of mine had sex with the same escort without telling me anything before, and ever since he has been acting very strange, hes a very active person, and i spoke to him and he seems very sad and indiferent,wont even recieve post-calls, made me think about all this again.

1- would you recomend testing?
2-dark shadows under eyes are a symptome of any STD?
3- what are my odds of HIV in this case ,me being uncircumcised?

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No, shadows or circles under the eyes are not a symptom of any STD.  Neither are the other symptoms you describe, despite what you found by searching the internet.  The risk of any STD was nearly zero from the exposure you describe, and was truly zero for HIV, regardless of being uncircumcised.  Assuming no other symptoms and not otherwise at risk, you do not need STD or HIV testing.

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