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Everlasting Herpes Outbreak and Neg Tests

I wrote back on 9/29/06 regarding possible herpes. A recap: I had unprotected sex with a hsv2 woman, approx 20 times. On August 11th, I noticed a burning sensation at the tip of my urethra and it was slightly red at the tip. The burning is constant and has been for the past 3 months straight(13 weeeks). It stings basically 24/7. For about 6 weeks early on my scrotum would burn even worse, and where thigh meets groin would also burn. I have been to 3 primary care doctors, 3 dermatologists, 2 urologists and 3 STD nurse practioners over the past 3 months. They all say it doesn't look like herpes or act like herpes. No blisters or lesions. They all said have blood test to be sure. Had all STD test done, all Neg.

Symptoms: The first few weeks I thought I noticed tiny, tiny cuts, maybe 2 on the underside of penis. I used a magnifying glass to view. I was inspecting my penis 50 times a day early on. About 2 weeks into it, I noticed and oval shaped area on shaft of penis, same color as flesh, but definitely outlined with an oval and skin appeared thinner with some slight burning there. This oval shape is still there, has been there for about 10 weeks, and one tiny area of it still feels sensitive, kind of raw. Aprroximately 6 weeks into this I noticed a tiny, tiny single whitehead pimple on shaft. Not a gland. I popped it, white puss and redness was gone in 2 days, stung a little.  Approximately 9 weeks into this nightmare, I felt a burning sensation on right side of penis, lasted about 4 days. No blisters, but with a magnifying glass it looked like a small line, maybe a 1/2 long where skin was definitely irritated and stinging. I've also noticed an area on shaft at same time that was slightly red and uncomfortable, not burning, but just uncomfortable, for about 4 days. Also experience almost constant tingle in left foot, toes and sometimes right foot and fingers, but mostly left toes, almost constant for 3 months. One new frightening symptom appeared 4 weeks ago, a slightly raised bump just over my top lip. Not attached to lip, just above, no blister. It is the same color as skin, almost like hard scar tissue, about 1/4" long x 3/16" wide, but it just appeared out of nowhere. It remained unchanged for about 3 weeks. Dermatologist gave me hydrocortisone 2 weeks into it, it seemed to help and with regular shaving and picking at it its almost gone now.

Doctors said ok to have sex,use a condom. I've been having sex maybe once every 10 days over the past 2 months, with a condom.

Week 1 : IGG and IGM blood test - Negative

Week 7 : Herpeselect Blood test - Negative

Week 11: Herpeselect Blood test - Negative

I'm totally stressed out over this, going thru divorce and business is crazy, extremely stressful time in my life. I plan on having another Herpeselect test at 13 weeks, tomorrow. If this test comes back negative, can I put this to rest? Does this sound like herpes or stressing out too much? The worrying is consumimg my life.
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I stopped reading after your description of all the health care providers you have seen.  If they did not come up with an explanation for your symptoms, no online provider can do so.  There is no such thing as an "everlasting herpes outbreak", and your blood test results prove you don't hqave an HSV infection.  (I then went back and read the rest of your message.  It didn't change my opinion.)

Your symptoms are most consistent with anxiety, plus various variations on normal genital area skin.  Discuss the anxiety possibility with your provider; you might benefit from a professional mental health evaluation.  I suggest it out of compassion, not criticism.  In the meantime, you can be 100% confident you do not have herpes, any other STD, or anything else that will ever harm you or a sex partner.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Maybe Dr. HHH will correct me, but I don't think this sounds even remotely like herpes.  Plus you've had 3 negative tests.

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"I was inspecting my penis 50 times a day early on"

Mate, you will develop an OCD (obsessive conpulsive disorder) if you carry on with that game -  I know, I almost developed one myself! If you inspect penile skin closely all the time (especially with a magnifying glass), you will notice all sorts of changes because skin goes through natural changes anyway. It is best not to look too close but get anything reasonably obvious checked out.

Leave the magniying glass to the dermatologists or take up entomology to keep you from looking at your own penis all the time!

Good luck.
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"One new ******** frightening ************** symptom appeared 4 weeks ago, a slightly raised bump just over my top lip."

This is about as frightening as Ghost Busters 1.

Sounds like it is all psychosomatic to me. Best of luck.
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Thanks Doc and Who Dis and Englishman. Everyone says its in my head, but man, it is the hardest thing to try and convince myself this isn't herpes. Red tip, constant burning and various "symptoms" that come and go. I know I'm completely obsessed...pretty scary what the mind is capable of I guess.
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You are fixated on herpes because of your partner's diagnosis, but herpes simply does not cause the symptoms you describe, period; and the test results are definitive.  Anybody who acknowledges "I know I'm completely obsessed" needs to see a mental health professional.

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