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Extreme itching on scalp without rash

Hello Doctor,

  On 29 Jan 2007, I had an encounter with a East Asian female in US whose STD status is unknown. The complete encounter can be described as kissing, full body rubbing (without any genital) and the worst part was receiving unprotected oral sex for a very brief period (less than a minute 30-40 sec). After that it was self masturbation.
  Since Feb 13-14 (which is approx 2 weeks later) I started getting this extreme itching on my scalp and also a little less extreme on my face and back of my ears.
On my face there is no visible rash. I tried to look on the scalp as much as possible. No visible sign of rash there also. Along with the itching the skin appears moderately dry even though I am drinking enough water. The itching temporarily goes away when I take shower but returns when the hair and face gets dry.
  I visited my doctor. He did blood tests for allergy, but they were negative. Initially he gave me Hydroxyzine Hcl 25 mg tablets. That suppressed the itching, but once I was out of that dose, the itching returned. Then he gave me a dose of Methylprednisolone 4mg (21 tablets to be taken as 6, 5, 4 ...per day). That also suppressed the itching, but it came back after 4 days of completion of the dose.

  I dont have any other issue till now.
  Because of my encounter, I got my blood tested for HIV and Syphilis on 13Mar (6 weeks). They came out negative.

Is this symptom related to HIV or any other STD? I am very worried since it has not been diagnosed till now. I am planning to go to a dermatologist but want an opinion from you here. When should I get another test for HIV done?

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Is this an April Fool joke?

I'm sure your doctor told you that 1) you can't get an STD or HIV from the exposure you describe, 2) syphilis, HIV, or other STDs do not cause itchy scalp or the other symptoms you have, and 3) the negative blood tests show you don't have HIV or syphilis.  Seeing a dermatologist is fine if your own doc isn't helping, but you do not need further testing for HIV or anything esle.

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