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GI problems and exposure

About 3-4 years ago I had a body slide at a massage parlor.There was genital contact and for a few minutes she rubbed her vagina over my penis.Im not sure whether my urethra came in contact with her fluids.I am an uncircumsized man.There was no intercourse.She was moist but the oil over me served as the main lubricant.  
Symptoms:For the past 2 years I have had stool is 30% of the time pourable (not exactly liquid).I pass stool 1 a day or 1 every 2 days.When the stool is not pourable it is very soft and appears to float.Somtimes a mix of both.I also get thin stools at times.No blood in stool and a fecal blood test was -ve.I am having a colonoscopy/endoscopy this friday.
I had a flu for about 10 days in Jan-07 and after I feel bloated with moving gas.I try and burp/pass gasthru rectum but it feels like my recum walls have narrowed that not much air comes out.I also feel my stomach gurgle and when I burp it feels like my esophagus is chocked up (is this heart burn?).
Additionally I have devloped a recurring skin rash over 2 years(tiny little red dots, sometimes itch) on both forearms,sides of my stomach, chest and my back. this is only place and it comes and goes.I have a little bit of it on the lower right side of my belly now.dermatologist doesnt know what it is (maybe ezema related).No other symtoms come to mind.I gave blood to test for hep b&c and sphillis but not HIV(waiting for results).regular blood work 2 weeks ago showed normal liver functions and urine sample.Does it sound like I have contracted HIV and what are my chances from my exposure.

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To start, you describe a very low risk sexual exposure that is unlikely to have resulted in any STD.  And none of the symptoms you describe sound like any STD, including HIV.  You can be sure your syphilis blood test will be negative (or if positive, it won't explain your symptoms).

There is nothing here to raise HIV as a concern.  But obviously you are anxious about the possibility, otherwise you wouldn't have brought it up.  You should have an HIV test, not because I believe you have it (I truly do not), but because you need to have the negative result to help you put the possibility to rest.

Bottom line:  Whatever is causing your symptoms, it has nothing at all to do with your massage parlor experience 3-4 years ago (unless anxiety over that event is part of the problem).

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Thank you doctor for your prompt response.  

To play devils advocate I have read on the web that GI problems are common in HIV patients.  I also forgot to mention that in the past 2 weeks sometimes i get lower adomen cramp (very infrequent).  I had an ultrasound done of the pelvis/abdomen and it was -ve.

As an example 'thebody.com' and hivinsite post the following (please see links below):


--snippet of GI problems HIV patients can have--
-Malabsorption and diarrhea (which I belive I have given the loose frequent pourable stool)
-HIV gastropathy
-Infection in the large intestine (bacteria or parasite)
-Heartburn (I have)

All my GI problems coupled with that reoccuring rash gives me worry as they seem to point to HIV.  I would greatly appreciate it if you can comment on my reply.  Thank you doctor.
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HIV related GI symptoms of the sort you describe are uncommon except in very advanced AIDS, in people who otherwise are very sick.  You can be sure you don't have HIV.  But as I said, you need to be tested in order to put that concern beind you.
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thank you doctor.  this experience was 3-4 years ago - so you dont think this would present itself at this stage if one were to have contracted HIV then?

Tow last question: when you say very low risk sexual exposure what typical probability are you refering to? I've read model statistics all over but say if there were microscopic cuts on my penus and whatever vaginal fluid came out was exposed to that. Just wondering.  

Lastly I was very curious about what your medical specialty is and how many people with my risk exposures you encounter that test -ve for HIV.

Thank you for all your help Doctor.

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Stop it. It's time to accept the reassurance and stop trying to talk me into agreeing that you are dying of AIDS.  Probably nobody in the world ever acquired HIV from the kind of exposure you describe, and in 25 years in a busy STD clinic I have never seen a patient with a positive HIV test after I judged their risk to be so low.  There is plenty of information about me at the top of the forum, or feel free to google me.

This thread is over.  Feel free to come back and post your negative HIV result once you have been tested.

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I greatly appreciate the effort and advice doctor.

I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy today.  The GI diagnosed me with 2 issues:

-spastic colon

I understand that you have closed this thread but I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the above conditions and relation to HIV symptoms.  If you require another payment I have no problem with that.  Thank you and kind regards.
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