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I had unprotected sex with a man of unknown status, for about 10 seconds.  However, i had my period at the time.  Within a week(s) of the incident, i had ARS symptoms, that included a fever, swollen glands, yeast infections, white spots in the mouth, and what seemed like a cold, which the cold went away by itself.  I tested DNA PCR negative at 10 weeks, and have tested HIV ELISA negative through 5 months.  I am still scared to death I have HIV,especially because of this:  I developed a back rash a couple  months ago.  I finally went to my dermatologist, which he said it is tinea versicolor.  It is a fungus, so i believe i definitely have HIV now, because I know HIV-infected people get fungus infections often.  So, now i'm worried that i could even have HIV-2.  I am wondering your HONEST thoughts on me having hiv or HIV 2.  I also want to know where i can get tested for HIV-2 by that quick oral test, in the chicago suburbs.  Please help me! i just want to know the answer.  I have been on anti-depressant and anxiety meds the past few months b/c i can't deal with the unknown.  If i have HIV, i just want to know.
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First, you do not have HIV.  Many other things, all more common than HIV, cause the symptoms you describe.  In only 10 seconds vaginal intercourse, perhaps he didn't ejaculate in your vagina; if so, it markedly lowers an already very low risk (even if he is HIV-infected, which he probably isn't).  Having your period doesn't make much difference.  You can rely 100% on the negative HIV tests you have had.

To my knowledge, tinea versicolor is no more common in HIV-infected than HIV-uninfected persons.  Anyway, it it a very common rash in millions of people without HIV.

There have been fewer than 100 HIV-2 infections in the US; I believe (but do not know for sure) that most occurred in people who had had sex with persons from Africa.

So my HONEST opinion, as you requested, is that you do not have HIV, either type 1 or 2.  You might want to follow through with the provider who has diagnosed your depression and anxiety disorder about the level of unreasonable concern you are feeling about HIV.  I suggest it out of compassion, not criticism.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Although you have symptoms, negative tests through 5 months can reassure you that you dont have hiv.  In fact, the doctor will tell you that the chances of aquiring the disease from one unprotected exposure are slim, givin the sexual partner even has hiv.  The thing is, people read into symptoms of a particular disease and think they have something because they show the symptoms.  Different health conditions can come on at any given time.  Because you had a rash does not mean you have hiv.  Same goes for a common cold.  Just because you have a cold doesnt mean you have an underlying life threatening illness.  And im sure the doctor will tell you the same. I know about worry like you are going through, i am a hypochondriac.  I constantly worry about health issues. Dont worry because you dont have anything to worry about.

Tests at ~6 weeks are almost 100%, something like 99.9995%, dont quote me on this, accurate.  Look up on the search in this site HIV TESTING WINDOW.  5 months is definite reassurance that you dont have HIV.
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Thanks for your advice.  I want to say a few more things that i forgot.  THe weeks following the incident, i had tingling sensations that started in myhands and spread to arms, as well as in feet.  My veins also turned more visibly blue, and have stayed that way since.  I was tested about 2 weeks after the incident, and came back negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea.  The doctor said i had cervicitis and gave me meds.  I thought i should include this info.  Thank you Doctor, in advance for your opinion, no matter how grim it is.
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I think every one of us have a bit misconception about AIDS.
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I think Dr. HHH is going to tell you to relax.  You can be confident you don't have HIV.  
I don't know if you'll believe him, since you don't believe your own doctors, but that is going to be what he says.

BTW-tinea versicolor can occur in anyone.  Many, many non immunsuppressed people have it.  It is very common. All your other symptoms are non-specific and could be indictative on anything at all, or nothing but heightened anxiety.  

If you tested negative at 5 months, you don't have HIV.
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If you have read the threads in this forum, you have to know that if you have tested negative after 5 months since your contact with this person, than you are and will continue to test negative. As the Doctor has repeated throughout this forum; an accurate test result is available usually after 3 weeks and most definately 6 weeks after contact with an HIV infected person.

So please ease your mind as I am sure the Honorable H.H.H. is going to tell you the exact same thing. So if you were tested 5 months after your contact with this man, and your test results were negative, than you are in the clear; so stop sressing yourself out and relax:)
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Hi Looloobells,

I just wanted to lend some moral support.  I'm sure you can rest easy with those test results.  Don't beat yourself up too much...I'm a worry wort myself.  Today's tests are very sensitive.  Best wishes to you!
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I would also like to note, tinea versicolor is a very common fungal condition of the skin.  A large percentage of people have this condition, and are unaware of it.  I would not worry too much about it.    You can get a lot of info on the net about it, especially from a google search.  You can have the condition for a long period of time and not realize it until you get some skin tone, from tanning, or it may spread making it more visable.  Dont worry, you dont have anything to worry about.  Health anxiety is a ***** isnt it.  I know first hand, being that i am a hypochondriac.
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I have a similair situation, im really worried about it. I had unprotected sex for like 2 mins with a 17 year old girl ( im 20)
Anyways both of us didnt ***, in fact she just sat on my penis while in her vaginia for like 1 min, and we started having sex for like 15 secs, but basically she just sat on it for like a min and half. The thing that worries me is she later told me she use to live in korea and also thialand. My penis wasnt fully erect because I had way way too much to drink that night, so im not sure if that helps or not. Anyways basically this girl is pretty wild I think, shes a big partier and im pretty sure she has done this with many many more guys. Since I did that within a day I got a sore throat and still have a sore throat and its like 5 days later. Im so scared I might have HIV, I read the odds of getting it while sleeping with a HIV pos. person is 1 in 120 on a one night stand. Im just worried since she lived in those third world countries where the aids rate is so much higher, I mean I think its really possible that she slept with alot of guys there, she said shes dated alot of military guys and all too. Im just worried, I heard it takes just one time to get it, in fact ive read some other forums where a guy posted he slept with a girl once and got HIV. So what are really the chances I could get HIV from a one night stand? I think its a good possiblity she has HIV because shes such a big partier. Also so performed oral sex on me for like 20 secs, and I did the same to her for a few mins. Anyways I know the doctor cant answer me since I didnt pay the fee, but if anyone can help me out I would be really grateful, anyways thanks.
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I am still really scared about the chance i acquired HIV.  My 6 month mark is coming up this week.  I really need to know where i can get that hiv-1/2 test.  I am freaking out.  i dont know if you read my other post, but i feel like i had multiple ARS symptoms.
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