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First of all, this site is great and i appreciate all the feedback you give.  So here goes
About 10.2 weeks ago I met a Transexual over the internet and proceeded to meet up with the person.  During our visit I performed oral sex on him with a condom and then he did on me as well too.  About 4 weeks later i thought I had thrush and went to the doctors office he said it did not look like thrush and gave me some pills and it seemed to clear it up.  I also had a full screen for STD's including syphillis and they all came back negative.  At the 6 week mark i had an oral HIV I and II test done and that came back negative as well.  At the 9.2 week mark i had another rapid oral HIV I/II test done as well (20 min rapid test) and that came back negative too.  However I think i might have enlarged glands in the armpit area and groin area.  The groin area on the left side feels like im bloated and the arm area feels like small bumps about 2-3 inches below the armpit.  I also have been recently (the last two weeks or so) having night sweats.  Not real bad night sweats but where my head is it is all wet on the pillow.  I have asked this person and they said that they do not have anything but who knows. . . My question is to you, how accurate are those Oral rapid tests and do you think i have any concern about this stupid mistake i made.  I am hetrosexual and somehow i made this mistake and i am really concerned.  

Do you think that this is HIV?  I have no other symptoms minus the ones i mentioned above?

How accurate are those rapid oral test at 6 week and then at 9.2 weeks?

What are the chances that i contracted HIV from performing oral sex on this individual with a condom and them him doing the same to me?  

Please advise as soon as you can and thanks for your reponse in advance.


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The oral HIV tests are every bit as accurate as the blood tests.  The transmission risk from the exposure you describe is close to zero, even if your partner had HIV; and your negative results prove you did not acquire HIV.  Symptoms are irrelevant; they are never an accurate indicator of HIV infection--only the lab tests tell the story.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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thanks so much but if you could just answer this quick question, what is the percentage that at 9.2 weeks that the test is 100% accurate?  Please advise thansk so much

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It was oral sex with a condom and you tested negative at nine weeks. Get off the internet and go live life! You're fine.
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