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2 years and a half I noticed small dark spot in genital area I didnt give attention I lived life.now before 70 days I was at massage the girl came to me first thing she did is touch anus for second then she contunue massage my body and end she masturbated me no condom and gloves also there were costumer before me. after massge I did hiv test after 2 months was combo test. came negative I said ok but something happend made me worrying about hiv again. the thing that I shaved my pubic hair then I relized  the spot that i noticed 2 years spread there maybe 5 more little spots around it but the first one is the biggest one.  So I went 2 the dr he said GW he treated by electric and told me wait monthes to make sure
1)does these warts related to hiv and must I retest again and I hear warts appear when person his immune system is weak that why i worried also I really got nausea for month but dr told me that  acid reflex cause u r anxiety. is these symptoms related to hiv
2)I  want get married with girl we dont have sex before .so I want to know that can I still marry her or my life is end after treated should I wait or go to normal life and marry her.
3) why these warts spread after 2 years and half while I read that it can goes by it slef mxmm 2 years that made me think about hiv is it because I didnt treat first one so after treated now it will comes also after 2 years and half
4 )is it easy that warts can spread to my anus if I touched my penis then my anus because I did it by mistake after shower so should I wait two years again to see if anal warts are coming or not its bad idea or by shaving or masturbation but I masturbate just from the head of my penis I did not touch the infected area.
5) what If I have girl and she perform oral sex to me now while im under treatment or I just rubbing her gential area by top of the penis can she got virus
6) if warts gone there are chance that I can get married ?I just treat my warts 1 time before 4 days it was first time
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You are not following Forum instructions.  You have made a post which is longer than permitted by our site.  I will provide brief answers but follow up responses will be limited.

The earlier exposure we exchanged information about was no risk. That is still the case.  You should believe your doctors.

1.  Warts are very common and are not related to HIV.  Believe your HIV tests and the fact, now told to you by me and two other doctors that you are not at risk for HIV.  That they were spread when you shaved is typical and expected for warts.  Anxiety can certainly cause nausea.  I agree with your doctor on this too.

2.  Of course you can marry her.

3.  Visible warts can persist for two years.  In your case, your shaving is likely to have spread your warts.  There is no evidence you have HIV.

4.  No, touching your warts and then other parts of your body will not spread the warts.

5.  If your warts are being treated they will be more difficult to transmit.

6.  With or without warts, there is no reason not to get married.  If your warts are treated and go away and remain away for three months, there is no reason to worry that you could spread them to your partner.  Even if you did, warts are not a serious threat to your or your partner's health.

Take care.  EWH
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Now I treat my warts not leave it like last time so there are chances that came after 2 years and half again also I wanna remind you that I did two hiv tests both negative 1 month a 2 months.
dr I'm really depressed I dont belive my two doctors that I can marry my gf with out give her any infection actually I dont answer her calls while I heard that I have warts plz tell me the truth about hiv and hpv > and hpv is a huge vairus or its simple maybe I'm going 2 face risk other than warts thanks alot I know that im asking alot but I want to be clear and do not search online again thanks a lot
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thanks alot I know that im annoying but i really wanted to make sure . and my last Q plz if warts go to her is there chance for her to get cancer also plz i'm sorry but really important does masturbation spread it if I dont come exactly to the infection area

I wish i dont bother you
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so after all these treatment I can live my life again with out worrying
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Whether she gets warts or not, all women should get regular PAP smears.  This will assure that she would not get cancer.  PAP smears detect abnormalities regularly and permit treatment before they cause harm

You should go forward without concern.  EWH
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Yeah I know that pap is important for woman. Thanks but my q is when warts are gone for monthes I can live my life dr plz for your experience have u seen patient that his warts gone forever and live his life with his new partner or all of them reappaear again because I just read people said negative thing like this virus 4 ever u will give ur partner cancer your warts are coming for ever all these stuff annoying me . Is that true ? Answer me clear and then I will not ask u again this is important for me
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