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~3 mo. ago, condom broke during vaginal sex with a girl friend I slept with for the first time; didn't realize so we completed the act; she doesn't know if she has HIV. I am incredibly scared--my body is telling me I have HIV, my mind tells me it's extremely unlikely, so I want to know your thoughts.

2 days later, I got flu-like symptoms for ~10 days; roommate had similar symptoms for 3 days, so I didn't worry, then read about ARS and stresses. 6 weeks post exposure (mid-aug), developed a very mild but constant sore throat that didn't go away. 2 wks later, got a sore back of tongue with bumps, white film (worried it's thrush), and constant mucus in throat.  Dr. said not thrush, probably sinuses, and gave antibiotics & blood test of normal white count but I'm still sick.

When I look at stats, I'm less worried. I'm a non-poor white 23-year old hetero non-IDU male and slept with a non-poor white 23-year old non IDU girl. Not to say that makes me immune or anything, but:
-Approx. 450 white heteros / year in the US get HIV at all (http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/surveillance/resources/reports/2008report/table3a.htm), and probably only about 50 20-24 year old ones (% diagnoses for 20-24 yr olds * 450).
-Out of those 50, probably 1/3 are poor, since whites in high poverty areas are ~4X as likely to have HIV (http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/surveillance/resources/other/pdf/poverty_poster.pdf) and ~10% of white people live below the poverty line.
-Of the remaining 30, I bet that the majority (25?) got HIV from a regular partner, given the low likelihood of transmission per act
-Some of the remaining 5 have to be anal sex, prostitutes, men with IDUs, uncircumcised men with other STDs already etc.
-Odds of having thrush/sinus infection right after ARS (rather than 10 yr later) are very low (10%?)--I should be symptom free now
-So a case like mine becoming HIV+ and displaying my symptoms has to happen like once every few years.
So how stressed should I be?
Thank you!
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Welcome.  But apparently you missed the prominent statement at the top of the page:  "Welcome to the STD Forum, which is intended only for questions and support pertaining to sexually transmitted diseases other than HIV/AIDS...."

The chance a woman like your partner has HIV is almost zero, and your "mind" is correct, not your "body".  Your own research has accurately found lots of information that should be reassuring.  Your symptoms do not even hint at an HIV infection as the cause.  So to answer your closing question, you should not be at all stressed about the possibility you have HIV.  But to help convince you, I recommend you have an HIV test.  It will be negative.

Because this is the wrong forum, there can't be any follow-up comments or discussion. But take my word for it:  you don't have HIV from this exposure.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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