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I just have some questions about some problems that i have experienced.  

I am a 24 year old heterosexual male.  About 2 years ago, i had a one night stand with a white woman in boston. We used protection to start but the condom came off. I did not ejacualate, and had no symptoms whatsoever immediately afterwards.  Since then, i have had unprotected sex with my current girlfriend and once with a good friend of mine.  About two weeks ago, i developed a rash in my groin area near the scrotum.  I went to the doctor, who quickly diagnosed it as folliculitus.  However, i think could have been a yeast infection as he did prescribe an antifungal ointment along with an antibiotic pill and an oral steroid.  The rash cleared up nicely, but now my scrotum is a red color and it slightly burns when i urinate.  In addition, i noticed some white stuff on the back of my tongue.  It doesnt look like thrush, more like coated tongue, but all of these ailments in quick sequence have me concerned.  I guess my question is this:  Could there be a chance these are HIV symptoms.  I read about the proabilities with one night stands and all, ( i have had 2 in the last two years) i just want to know what you think,

Thanks for all of your help
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Most likely the rash you describe has no connection with your one night stand or any other sexual encounter.  A knowledgeable health care provider is unlikely to misdiagnose a yeast or other fungal infection with folliculitis, and you probably can rely on the doc's diagnosis.  The other common cause of a groin/scrotum rash is tinea cruris (jock itch), which is not sexually transmitted or acquired.  Yeasts rarely cause infections in that location.  Your other symptoms do not suggest HIV, and your risk for that infection obviously was very low.  Many other conditions cause coated tongue.

Every sexually active person who changes partners from time to time should have routine STD screening tests, including HIV, once a year or so.  So although your immediate risk is low, perhaps this would be a good time for such testing.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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For not been a doctor, you sound very convincing...;)

I agree with bunghole.  I like to add that if you are not in a commited relation, a once a year STD screaning wouldn't hurt.

Take and good luck.
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Hi, am a 26 year old heterosexual male. I've had issues controlling my sexually inhibitions thus I've have PROTECTED sexual encounters with escorts except in two specific instances of receiving unprotected oral intercource. MY symptoms: In the past I've tested positive for Herpes 1 and 2 but all other STD's including HIV has always been positive. Recently, I've have nose bleeds (ENT doctor said it was benign infection), enlarged groins and slight pain swallowing. I want to wait till the 2 to 3 weeks period so as to accurately rule out HIV. Am not sure why these symptoms are occuring. Any thoughts?
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